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Los Gatos Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics

The Los Gatos real estate market is varied from one price point or school district to the next, but over all, this is a stable period with some appreciation and in many cases, a warm seller’s market (as the sale price to list price ratio indicates). Most of the price gains happened last spring rather than in the last month or two.  Here are the current numbers, per my Los Gatos real estate report (click on the link for full information).

Added 11-21-2014:  Please also see this new article on my Live in Los Gatos blog with custom data that I crunched from MLSListings:
Los Gatos real estate market trends by price point and high school district


Please continue reading for info on the LG condo market, and for real estate market information for Monte Sereno and the Los Gatos Mountains too.The Los Gatos condo and townhouse market is pretty healthy overall, with prices up over last yearand month over month.  Don’t let the number fool you, though! Low inventory is the culprit.  Because there’s a wide range of values with these properties, a few lower end ones or a few luxury ones could make the market appear to be swinging when in fact it’s stable.
Los Gatos Mountains (houses only, no condos or townhouses there). Houses in 95033 usually take a lot longer to sell than homes “in town”, but there are occasional stories of multiple offers and fast sales even there.   The numbers for the closings in November make the market look terrible.  That’s not really the case.  Instead, there were only 4 closings, so the pricing fluctuation is more representative of the low number of sales than anything else. 

Monte Sereno (houses only – small area so prices appear to jump around more due to few transactions each month) – take it with a pound of salt and use the town of Los Gatos as a better reference.   

Cambrian Park area of San Jose - Looking for more affordable area close to Los Gatos? Check out the Cambrian Park area of San Jose, especially the 95124 zip code (with Union Schools).Cambrian area of San Jose - condos and townhomesNext we’ll have a quick look at the town by zip code and will use Altos Research charts and graphs (using list prices, not sold ones) to get a pulse on the market.  Disclaimers aside, here’s the broad overview by zip code – hope you find this helpful!  I will be using “live charts” here so they will always be current!95030 stats:

 Continue via link for more information on Los Gatos real estate trends and statistics.95032 residential real estate statistics:

And a look at Los Gatos “in town” as a whole:  95033 (Los Gatos Mountains) real estate info:    Monte Sereno shares many services with LG so I will share these stats also:


Los Gatos is a very complex real estate market because there are so many variables, including:

  • proximity to downtown (“walk to town” always a huge plus)
  • school district (“Los Gatos Schools” usually strongly preferred)
  • historic nature of homes & neighborhoods
  • slope and usability of the land
  • views
  • neighborhood amenities (cabana, nearby park, walkability)
  • access to popular venues and locations (parks, shopping, schools)
  • negative features such as busy roads, high voltage lines, being too close to freeways/trains, natural hazards such as earthquake faults etc.
  • type of sale (distressed or regular sale)

Often homes in Los Gatos will have some positive and some negative features, and the same goes for the location.


Homes for sale in Los Gatos & Monte Sereno 95030:

[idx-listings zip=”95030″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”609″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC”]


Homes for sale in Los Gatos & Monte Sereno 95032:

[idx-listings zip=”95032″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”609″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC”]


Homes for sale in the Los Gatos Mountains:

[idx-listings zip=”95033″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”609″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC”]

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