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Overheated market, overheated emotions

The Silicon Valley real estate market is so overheated in many segments (some areas, some pricepoints) that there’s a lot of exhaustion to be found among consumers, Realtors and others involved (inspectors, title company employees, etc.).  Why is...
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The Cross-Cultural Real Estate Experience: Buying and Selling Homes in Silicon Valley vs Other Places

Buying and selling homes is stressful no matter who you are or what the occasion may be.  It is even more difficult for those for whom English is not their native language and for whom the US is not their native land. First there’s a language...
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Homebuyer Tax Credit Good for “Move Down” Buyers Too

Recently I read an article on Realty Times about the tax credit for non-first time homebuyers. Did you know that it may be used for “move down” buyers as well as “move up” buyers? There are some caveats – the home cannot...
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