View from a high rise in downtown San Jose, looking east - Autumn 2011San Jose is the biggest city in Silicon Valley (and considers itself to be the Capital of Silicon Valley), is the tenth largest city in the United States of America with over 1 million in population, and it has a very large footprint – approximately 180 square miles. Because of the size, it isn’t surprising that many distinct neighborhoods exist within the city. In my blog you can find descriptions and outlines of these districts or neighborhoods. You can also find market analysis dedicated to different regions of San Jose. Because the areas are so different, the market in separate sectors of the city can change dramatically from one area to the next. If you are looking for a home in Silicon Valley, it is best to consider San Jose by its neighborhoods rather than as a whole to understand the market. Nonetheless, looking at the big picture can often give you a general taste for the market. Currently, it’s a steady sellers market.

Below you will find the Altos Research Charts, a live feed of data on the markets in San Jose. You will also find the RE Report, charts with statistics comparing sales in the last month and comparing them month-over-month and year-over-year. These are both the usual tools I use to gauge a market. Directly below are links to the market analysis of specific neighborhoods in San Jose. Some of these, where I work the most, are updated monthly, and others are updated every few months.

Altos Charts for San Jose as a Whole – automatically updated each week – single family homes

First, the basic charts for single family homes or houses. FYI, Altos uses LIST prices. The RE Report further down uses SOLD prices (which is part of the reason why I utilize both).

List prices of single family homes / houses by price quartile:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Average days on market of listed homes (houses) by pricing tier:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Inventory levels for the last 3 years for houses for sale in San Jose:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research


Altos Research charts for the condomium and townhouse market in San Jose – automatically updated each week

Condominium and townhouse LIST prices by quartile:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Average Days On Market for condos and townhomes in San Jose:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Inventory of available properties among condos and townhomes:

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

I try to update these market posts regularly every month as the RE Reports come in, so around the second week of the month, maybe earlier. These are the areas I am most active in San Jose.

The Evergreen area of San Jose (includes a market report)

Willow Glen real estate market – San Jose 95125

The Cambrian Park Real Estate Market Update

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Conditions

And these are areas I also work in. These areas are updated every month or so.

The real estate market in San Jose’s Santa Teresa area

The real estate market in San Jose’s Blossom Valley area

The Cupertino Border, or San Jose CA 95129 Real Estate Market Info

Interested in areas outside of the City of San Jose? I make monthly updates for many areas around Silicon Valley, such as Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, so feel free to check out my other market posts as well, under How’s the Market? or Market Reports! You can also find City, Town, and Neighborhood descriptions here to help you get acquainted with the area.


Now for a market update on the City of San Jose as a whole:

First, the ReReport. You can find the whole ReReport here.

Here is the chart for the market in single family homes in the city of San Jose:

Trends At a Glance Jan 2018 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,060,000 (-7.4%) $1,145,000 $857,500 (+23.6%)
Average Price $1,158,290 (-3.7%) $1,202,860 $973,320 (+19.0%)
No. of Sales 242 (-28.8%) 340 276 (-12.3%)
Pending 296 (+14.7%) 258 288 (+2.8%)
Active 151 (+52.5%) 99 353 (-57.2%)
Sale vs. List Price 108.7% (-1.2%) 110.1% 101.8% (+6.8%)
Days on Market 19 (-3.3%) 19 35 (-46.9%)
Days of Inventory 19 (+114.3%) 9 38 (-51.2%)

And the data from last month for comparison:

Trends At a Glance Dec 2017 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,145,000 (+3.6%) $1,105,500 $860,000 (+33.1%)
Average Price $1,202,860 (+1.4%) $1,185,710 $952,403 (+26.3%)
No. of Sales 340 (-14.1%) 396 414 (-17.9%)
Pending 258 (-27.9%) 358 300 (-14.0%)
Active 99 (-44.7%) 179 316 (-68.7%)
Sale vs. List Price 110.1% (+1.6%) 108.3% 101.1% (+8.8%)
Days on Market 19 (-4.6%) 20 30 (-35.8%)
Days of Inventory (-33.4%) 13 23 (-61.9%)

From the charts you can tell that overall homes are constantly selling a good deal over list price, hanging around between 108%-110% over the last three months. Inventory is low compared to last year. While sales are steady, the number of active listings is less than half of what was on the market in February 2017! Average days on market are low at 19 days, and home prices are fairly stable since last month. All of these signal that the continued sellers market is as hot as ever, making it bad news for buyers.

And now let’s turn to the condo and townhouse market. Find the full report here and the major data below:

Trends At a Glance Jan 2018 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $715,000 (+3.5%) $690,500 $555,000 (+28.8%)
Average Price $735,194 (-0.3%) $737,385 $589,962 (+24.6%)
No. of Sales 94 (-21.7%) 120 142 (-33.8%)
Pending 105 (+8.2%) 97 156 (-32.7%)
Active 49 (+250.0%) 14 181 (-72.9%)
Sale vs. List Price 111.8% (+2.6%) 109.0% 100.4% (+11.3%)
Days on Market 13 (+10.9%) 12 36 (-64.1%)
Days of Inventory 16 (+346.8%) 4 38 (-59.1%)

And the data from last month for comparison:


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