Rose Villas III – Cambrian PUDs

Rose Villas III sign along Branham Lane in San Jose CA 95118Rose Villas III is a pretty Spanish style community of townhomes which are PUDs or Planned Unit Developments, not condominiums (an upgrade!). They are located along a private road but have an address of anywhere between 1634 and 1644 Branham Lane, San Jose CA 995118. The common areas offer a surprisingly abundant amount of guest parking as well as a pool and patio for the enjoyment of the residents.

Both the individual homes and the community as a whole are thoughtfully laid out and very attractive. It’s also a convenient location for commuting on Camden Avenue (which becomes San Tomas Expressway) or accessing Highway 85. Shopping and restaurants are nearby: it’s a highly convenient location.

Upstairs, many of the homes enjoy at least partial views of the hills.

And to top it off, this community enjoys highly regarded Union Schools.

What are the homes like at Rose Villas III?

There are 48 townhomes in this community. They were constructed in 1977 and feature stucco exteriors and concrete tile roofs.

The layout is thoughtful with a powder room and living spaces on the first floor, as well as the laundry closet (which is close to the front door and the access to the garage from inside). Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a bathroom between them, which is wonderful for improved privacy. Both bedrooms include two closets each and also large windows.

Upstairs view of part of the Rose Villas III community in the Cambrian area of San Jose

All floor plans the same, unless altered by the home owner:

The real estate market in San Jose’s Blossom Valley area

Pan of Santa Teresa and Blossom Valley

Pan of Santa Teresa and Blossom Valley

The Blossom Valley real estate market is finally cooling off, though it continues to be a strong seller’s market! Homes in good shape which are priced appropriately regularly sell quickly and well above list price, despite new hurdles for buyers to overcome over the last two years. While trends can vary based on price point, schools, zip codes, etc., the entire area is still in high demand.

Here are some bullet points from the latest statistics:

  • Inventory and sales are all well above this time last year, though since the month before sales are slowing down and inventory is climbing
  • The average sale to list price ratio also shrank month-over-mont and remains above last year!
  • Days on market slowed with a quick 12 day average and nearly double the time for market absorption (days of inventory) at just 23 days

Often we see month-over-month softening into the end of the year with lower inventory and demand over the busy holiday season, followed by an increase in activity (and rising prices) as the market moves towards spring which tends to level off around summer. That said, the market remained strong through winter and began experiencing rapidly increasing activity earlier than usual. March and April are often the peak months for pricing, though it’s definitely still a red hot market in Blossom Valley!

About Blossom Valley

The Blossom Valley area of San Jose is on the south end of the city and covers the 95123 and 95136 zip codes. For our MLS, it’s “area 12.” A more affordable section of Silicon Valley, it has much to offer in addition to more reasonable housing prices. Many areas enjoy views of the Santa Teresa Foothills or the Communications Hill knolls or even the coastal foothills in the distance and Mt Umunhum. One corner of it sits alongside beautiful Almaden Lake, too. Another corner is located at the crossroads of Highways 85 and 87, making it an easy commute destination for those working in downtown San Jose. And there’s an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities.

Now for some market data.

Live Altos Reports

We’ll start with the Altos Reports, which gague the market based on active listings, not sales, and is updated about once per week.

95123 real estate market trends, automatically updated weekly:

Blossom Valley Real-Time Market Profile by Altos Research


The Cambrian Park Real Estate Market Update

Cambrian Park Real Estate Market graphicThe Cambrian Park real estate market remains a strong seller’s market with prices continuing to rise as compared to the same month a year ago.

For those new to the area, Cambrian is most of the 95124 zip code (south of Foxworthy) and most of 95118 (west of Almaden Expressway). It borders Los Gatos, Campbell, Willow Glen, and Blossom Valley.

The Cambrian Park Real Estate Market Trends at a Glance

The chart below is from our subscription to the RE Report.  The market has soften a little, but it’s no relief for buyers with properties selling 8% over list price on average and selling in 17 days on average, too.

The month over month prices are down a little, which is seasonally fairly normal, but prices remain up compared to a year ago.

Trends At a GlanceJun 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,800,000 (-7.1%)$1,938,000$1,725,000 (+4.3%)
Average Price$1,948,770 (-3.5%)$2,019,380$1,929,600 (+1.0%)
No. of Sales38 (-37.7%)6157 (-33.3%)
Pending38 (+11.8%)3436 (+5.6%)
Active31 (-3.1%)3223 (+34.8%)
Sale vs. List Price108.0% (-3.4%)111.8%109.1% (-1.1%)
Days on Market17 (+106.6%)810 (+63.1%)
Days of Inventory24 (+50.3%)1612 (+102.2%)




Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Garlic Festival – much missed!

Gilroy is a scenic area well known for wineries, farmland and fruit stands.  More than anything,  it’s most iconic produce is garlic, which used to be celebrated late each July with the annual Garlic Festival, which, sadly, has been discontinued.

In summer days, the scent of garlic fills the early morning air and blows north along the coastal foothills so that those of us in Silicon Valley get a healthy nose full when grabbing our morning paper off the driveway. This has been my experience since I was a small child and I’m happy that all the progress of the last 40 or 50 years hasn’t changed the smell of garlic heralding mid-summer.

If you’re exploring this city, be sure to also check out Morgan Hill and San Martin, the other South County communities, too!

Gilroy: shopping, dining, wine tasting, parks, golf, and more

A nice easy, and fairly fast trip by car will bring you to South County and to this city nestled at the base of the coastal range.  It’s a wonderful day trip to explore the backyard of Silicon Valley, or better, take a whole weekend to get to know the area.  There’s a nice downtown area where you can do some shopping and dining.  Go out a bit and there are a number of fabulous wineries to check out.  And lest we forget, Gilroy is a local epicenter of bargain shopping.

At the intersection of highways 101 and 152, the Gilroy Premium Outlet Mall is found.  Go with the intention of spending money, because resistance is futile once you park your car.  We have shopped there many times and often found some especially good pricing on clothes.

Many will attest that cars are found for a better price there, too.

This area is also home to a charming family amusement park (aimed at younger kids), Gilroy Gardens.  Adults and children alike will appreciate the astounding topiary and twisted special trees which are unlike those you’d find anywhere else.  Even if you don’t have small kids, it’s worthwhile to visit this park just to see the amazing trees at least once.

Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Coyote Valley and nearby areas make up the “south county,” which has a little slower pace of living and quite a bit more affordability in housing. The commute is long.  The summers are hotter. So there are some trade-offs.

Love golf? There are several courses here: Eagle Ridge, Gilroy Golf Course, and Gavilan Golf Course are all in town.

Eagle Ridge Golf Course and neighborhood, Gilroy


Gilroy neighborhoods



Once full or orchards and farms, the Berryessa area of San Jose today is largely developed, but a few pockets of trees and agriculture do remain. Most of this district is housing, but there are also a good number of businesses. (The photo below is from a property I sold in this part of North San Jose in 2021.)

Berryessa boasts very strong commute access, including both light rail and BART as well as major auto routes. Highway 680 runs through it, and 101 and 880 are nearby. Additionally, the major airport for Silicon Valley is in close proximity, too, the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport. For the South Bay, this is one of the most accessible areas. This and the quality of many of the schools are perhaps the area’s biggest claim to fame.


Berryessa Orchard - property sold by Mary Pope-Handy

Where is Berryessa?

Berryessa is in the northern part of San Jose, set between the city of Milpitas to the north and the Alum Rock District to the south. The boundary on the east side is the East Foothills. The boundary on the west is Coyote Creek, approximately. Some resources may put it closer to Highway 101. (If you check  5 different sites, you may get 5 different answers for the boundaries on the west and south side of this district!)

Zip codes are 95131, 95132, 95133. (The MLS also includes a little of 95127, which is often thought of as Alum Rock Park.)

Another interesting, nearby area in San Jose is Japantown.

Los Gatos Mountains 95033 Real Estate Market

Damp road in a redwood forest similar to those in the Los Gatos MountainsThe real estate market in the Los Gatos Mountains is very different from the “in town” Los Gatos housing market and really deserves its own separate treatment. The mountain area includes areas both in Santa Clara County and also Santa Cruz County, but the data here will reflect only the area within Santa Clara County. Both sides may have a Los Gatos mailing address with the 95033 zip code.

The Real Estate Report for the Los Gatos Mountains is updated each month with the RE Report info, but the Altos Research live chart automatically updates weekly, so please stop by often to get updated information.

(If you are viewing this on a mobile device, the table below will scroll if you swipe it.)

Trends at a Glance: Los Gatos Mountains 95033

Check out the FULL Los Gatos Mountains RE Report by using this link.

This is a great market for home buyers in the Los Gatos Mountains as sale conditions are somewhere between balanced and a warm sellers market overall. As always, though, it’s on a house by house basis – it depends on the home’s exact condition, location, and pricing strategy.


Trends At a GlanceMay 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,715,000 (+20.4%)$1,425,000$1,365,000 (+25.6%)
Average Price$1,727,500 (+19.8%)$1,442,330$1,549,620 (+11.5%)
No. of Sales12 (+33.3%)917 (-29.4%)
Pending(-50.0%)1414 (-50.0%)
Active40 (+110.5%)1935 (+14.3%)
Sale vs. List Price101.6% (+1.0%)100.6%103.5% (-1.8%)
Days on Market50 (+13.9%)4435 (+42.1%)
Days of Inventory100 (+63.3%)6162 (+61.9%)


And the month prior:


Trends At a GlanceApr 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,425,000 (-20.8%)$1,800,000$1,275,000 (+11.8%)
Average Price$1,442,330 (-18.4%)$1,767,640$1,384,000 (+4.2%)
No. of Sales(-40.0%)15(+28.6%)
Pending14 (+7.7%)1315 (-6.7%)
Active19 (+5.6%)1830 (-36.7%)
Sale vs. List Price100.6% (+2.1%)98.5%98.7% (+2.0%)
Days on Market44 (-42.3%)7691 (-52.2%)
Days of Inventory61 (+70.1%)36124 (-50.7%)


95033 Real Estate Market – Los Gatos Mountains

Each week, my subscription to the Altos Research Report for the Los Gatos Mountains is automatically updated. Click on the link to view it, or subscribe if you’d like an update emailed to you regularly. You can also click on the link to check other nearby zip codes. Some of 95120 or 95032 can be in the rural areas, too, so check a zip code map in case the area that interests you is closer to Mt Umunhum, over Saratoga, or some other location.

Altos uses list prices and they conclude that it’s a strong seller’s market, while the RE Report uses closed sales data, and that points to something more moderate.


The mountain communities are many and diverse, so issues in one area, such as too much inventory or not enough listings, may be the opposite somewhere else.


Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Conditions

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Conditions San Jose 95120 - photo with Mt Umunhum in backgroundThe Almaden Valley real estate market is experiencing some up and down, but remains clearly in a seller’s market and much stronger than it was one year ago. Inventory remains perpetually low, so the best homes in great locations are selling like hotcakes while buyers are passing over others that may need more work.

Almaden Valley Real Estate Market Conditions: Trends at a Glance

First, a look at the residential real estate market statistics for Almaden, or San Jose 95120 from the Real Estate Report (a subscription that uses closed / sold data).

Home prices are up annually and down monthly. Conditions are a little softer all over.

Trends At a GlanceJun 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$2,300,000 (-5.1%)$2,422,440$2,105,000 (+9.3%)
Average Price$2,303,310 (-6.5%)$2,463,030$2,298,780 (+0.2%)
No. of Sales21 (-47.5%)4033 (-36.4%)
Pending19 (-5.0%)2022 (-13.6%)
Active32 (+18.5%)2720 (+60.0%)
Sale vs. List Price104.4% (-1.3%)105.8%102.0% (+2.3%)
Days on Market12 (+28.7%)919 (-37.8%)
Days of Inventory44 (+118.2%)2018 (+151.4%)


Altos Research charts for Almaden Valley real estate market, single family homes segment