Like most of Santa Clara County, Blossom Valley saw a huge run up in pricing in 2017 and the first half of 2018, followed by a steep price drop the second half of 2018. Prices are now in recovery.

95123 real estate market trends

95136 real estate market trends


About Blossom Valley

The Blossom Valley area of San Jose is on the south end of the city and covers the 95123 and 95136 zip codes. For our MLS, it’s “area 12.” A more affordable section of Silicon Valley, Blossom Valley has much to offer in addition to more reasonable housing prices. Many areas enjoy views of the Santa Teresa Foothills or the Communications Hill knolls or even the coastal foothills in the distance, as with the photo below. One corner of it sits alongside beautiful Almaden Lake, too. One corner is located at the crossroads of Highways 85 and 87, making it an easy commute destination for those working in downtown San Jose. And there’s an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities.

Blossom Valley from the Church on the Hill

Market stats for the Blossom Valley area of San Jose

Monthly Trends at a Glance: Strong Market in Blossom Valley

Prices are on the rise, though still a bit off from last year – but that delta is shrinking. The sale price to list price rose, indicating that buyers are still aggressively pursuing good houses in Blossom Valley.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,000,000 (+2.0%) $980,000 $1,080,000 (-7.4%)
Average Price $999,224 (+1.3%) $986,095 $1,095,590 (-8.8%)
No. of Sales 52 (-14.8%) 61 59 (-11.9%)
Pending 60 (-1.6%) 61 65 (-7.7%)
Active 83 (-1.2%) 84 66 (+25.8%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.9% (+0.3%) 101.6% 110.1% (-7.4%)
Days on Market 19 (+2.9%) 18 13 (+46.7%)
Days of Inventory 46 (+12.0%) 41 32 (+42.7%)


And last month:
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Willow Glen real estate market is a strong seller's market. This Willow Glen sign is from the downtown business district.Willow Glen is perhaps the most charming residential area of the city of San Jose with its old style architecture, tree lined streets and quaint downtown area on Lincoln Avenue and nearby. For folks working in downtown San Jose, the Willow Glen area (roughly the same as 95125 zip code, though a bit of 95124 is included also) is extremely convenient.

The Willow Glen real estate market for single family homes has been slipping a bit more toward a “balanced market”, but seems to be roaring back now, in February.


1. Willow Glen Market Trends: Single Family Homes

The market is mixed overall – some data points are stronger, some weaker. I’d say it’s more normal (which we are not used to!).  The Altos profile, further down, calls it as a strong seller’s market. It’s a strong spring.

Here are the most recent housing sales statistics from the RE Report.  Click for the complete Willow Glen real estate report:

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,460,000 (+5.8%) $1,379,400 $1,464,500 (-0.3%)
Average Price $1,625,230 (+12.4%) $1,446,020 $1,565,640 (+3.8%)
No. of Sales 51 (-15.0%) 60 54 (-5.6%)
Pending 46 (-14.8%) 54 46 (0.0%)
Active 83 (-8.8%) 91 57 (+45.6%)
Sale vs. List Price 100.3% (+0.1%) 100.2% 105.0% (-4.5%)
Days on Market 28 (+27.1%) 22 14 (+95.4%)
Days of Inventory 47 (+3.7%) 46 31 (+54.2%)


And the month before:

Trends At a Glance May 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,379,400 (-2.5%) $1,415,000 $1,607,500 (-14.2%)
Average Price $1,446,020 (-8.7%) $1,583,240 $1,749,340 (-17.3%)
No. of Sales 60 (+53.8%) 39 66 (-9.1%)
Pending 54 (+17.4%) 46 55 (-1.8%)
Active 91 (+18.2%) 77 53 (+71.7%)
Sale vs. List Price 100.2% (-1.2%) 101.4% 110.2% (-9.1%)
Days on Market 22 (+3.2%) 21 13 (+76.3%)
Days of Inventory 46 (-20.5%) 57 24 (+88.9%)


Data from Altos Research for Willow Glen – San Jose 95125

Below please find a market profile and then a couple of charts for the real estate market for houses and duet homes (attached single family homes – not duplexes), care of Altos Research, to which I have a subscription. Altos uses list prices, not sold prices. The data is automatically updated each week, so please bookmark this post and come back often!


Charts for Willow Glen realty:

1 – Houses in the 95125 zip code – history, all price levels combined.

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

2 – Houses in the San Jose, 95125 zip code, by price quartile over last 180 days

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research


2. Willow Glen Market Trends: Condos and Townhomes

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Evergreen area of San Jose (Silicon Valley)

The Evergreen area of San Jose is includes many newer homes and communities. It is a highly regarded Silicon Valley community as Evergreen is scenic and most of the district enjoys highly regarded schools, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels. In this article I’ll provide some info on this section of the valley and then offer information on the current real estate market trends there, and that part will be updated periodically.  Just want the Evergreen real estate market update? Please scroll down!

Evergreen Realty Market Report: Single Family Homes

The Re Report considers all of the Evergreen district together. Please find the full report on my Real Estate Report for the Evergreen area of San Jose. Further down, you’ll see live charts with more zip code specific details.

The gap is slowly narrowing between last year’s peak pricing and this year’s pricing, but it’s still off a little. The market is generally a little softer than it was, though prices are coming up month over month.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,330,000 (+1.5%) $1,310,000 $1,390,500 (-4.4%)
Average Price $1,458,280 (+4.4%) $1,396,960 $1,557,230 (-6.4%)
No. of Sales 34 (-30.6%) 49 51 (-33.3%)
Pending 46 (+7.0%) 43 49 (-6.1%)
Active 57 (+9.6%) 52 46 (+23.9%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.2% (-1.5%) 102.7% 106.5% (-4.9%)
Days on Market 26 (-19.3%) 32 12 (+109.0%)
Days of Inventory 49 (+52.7%) 32 26 (+85.9%)


And last month:


Trends At a Glance May 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,310,000 (+13.9%) $1,150,000 $1,440,000 (-9.0%)
Average Price $1,396,960 (+8.5%) $1,287,310 $1,563,910 (-10.7%)
No. of Sales 49 (+69.0%) 29 51 (-3.9%)
Pending 43 (-17.3%) 52 52 (-17.3%)
Active 52 (+13.0%) 46 43 (+20.9%)
Sale vs. List Price 102.7% (+0.3%) 102.4% 108.8% (-5.6%)
Days on Market 32 (+66.1%) 19 12 (+159.9%)
Days of Inventory 32 (-30.8%) 46 25 (+25.9%)


Altos Research: Evergreen real estate market for single family homes or houses by zip code



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The Monte Sereno real estate market is similar to Los Gatos, but distinct - Monte Sereno shares many features with Los Gatos but is a distinct cityHow is the Monte Sereno real estate market? Because the city is small, with just about 4000 residents, there usually are few homes listed for sale or selling, and with small numbers we can get seeming volatility.

There are no condominiums or townhomes in Monte Sereno at present (we are watching closely the proposed development at La Rinconada, which is unincorporated as of this writing). One of the major challenges for this city is to ensure that at least some housing units are deemed “affordable.” You can find the city’s housing plan here (a pdf online):

Below is a quick market profile for Monte Sereno. This is updated weekly, so please check back often.


Altos Research does weekly reports, to which I subscribe. You can see the full weekly report for Monte Sereno HERE and you can click the subscribe button there if you’d like to get it weekly (or navigate to another zip code or city and subscribe to that). Here’s the data on home descriptions per price quartile in the report for today, Nov 16, 2018:

Stats for recently closed home sales in Monte Sereno

Here are the quick statistics for the closed sales in the last complete month to give a sense of how things are going with the Monte Sereno real estate market. Sales data comes from my Monte Sereno Real Estate Report. Given that the supply of homes to study is tiny, what can we tell from this data?

It’s true that an average Monte Sereno house is about $2.5-3.5 million, and often higher in the current market – a little steep for most folks!

Monte Sereno Real Estate Market Trends at a Glance:

Six closed sales in June, 6 in May, and just 1 in April (and 0 in March). With so few sales, the pricing gyrations here don’t mean as much as a few very high or very low sales can throw off everything.

Trends at a Glance

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $3,312,500 (-10.5%) $3,700,000 $3,200,000 (+3.5%)
Average Price $3,191,670 (-21.9%) $4,085,420 $3,230,000 (-1.2%)
No. of Sales (0.0%) 6 (+50.0%)
Pending (-16.7%) 6 (-16.7%)
Active 16 (-5.9%) 17 10 (+60.0%)
Sale vs. List Price 102.5% (+4.3%) 98.3% 98.4% (+4.2%)
Days on Market 40 (+62.3%) 24 22 (+77.5%)
Days of Inventory 77 (-9.0%) 85 73 (+6.7%)


And the month before:


Trends At a Glance May 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $3,700,000 (+29.8%) $2,850,000 $4,075,000 (-9.2%)
Average Price $4,085,420 (+43.3%) $2,850,000 $3,800,000 (+7.5%)
No. of Sales (+500.0%) 1 (+50.0%)
Pending (+50.0%) 4 (0.0%)
Active 17 (+13.3%) 15 11 (+54.5%)
Sale vs. List Price 98.3% (0.0%) 98.3% 99.1% (-0.8%)
Days on Market 24 (+21.7%) 20 23 (+4.7%)
Days of Inventory 85 (-80.5%) 435 83 (+3.0%)

And the month before:


Trends At a Glance Apr 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $2,850,000 (N/A) $0 $4,011,500 (-29.0%)
Average Price $2,850,000 (N/A) $0 $4,011,500 (-29.0%)
No. of Sales (N/A) 0 (-50.0%)
Pending (N/A) 0 (+33.3%)
Active 15 (+15.4%) 13 10 (+50.0%)
Sale vs. List Price 98.3% (N/A) 0.0% 108.8% (-9.7%)
Days on Market 20 (N/A) 0 12 (+73.9%)
Days of Inventory 435 (N/A) 0 145 (+200.0%)


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How is the Campbell real estate market?How is the Campbell real estate market?  Campbell is in a fairly strong seller’s market, but like the rest of the county, is in a period of cooling off in terms of pricing (compared to spring), numbers of offers, and sale price to list price ratio (again, compared to spring, there’s been some “up and down” recently). 

If you’re selling, perhaps a few months ago, you’d have gotten 6 or 8 offers on your well prepared, beautifully staged, and aggressively priced home for sale. Now, maybe it is 2 or 3 offers instead. The offers are often coming in with no contingencies, but there just aren’t as many.  The massive overbids are becoming a little less massive.

Part of this seems to be seasonal fluctuation. In my 26 years of selling homes in the Santa Clara Valley,  I have seen that in MOST years, late spring and early summer sees a flattening of the market, sometimes even a slight decline in pricing, after the peak months of January through April. Last year, that didn’t happen.

The other part may be “buyer fatigue”. Buyers have had enough with the spiraling-out-of-control prices and terms so strongly in the sellers’ favor. They are voting with their feet.

Here’s a quick view of stats from Altos Research, using LIST prices:

And now –  here are some quick stats, care of my RE Report for Campbell:

CAMPBELL real estate market trends and statistics

Prices are now up month over month but still down year over year – however, notice that each month that percentage shrinks a bit more. The sale price to list price is up, and the days on market are a hair shorter for June’s closings per the RE Report. The Altos Report says it’s a strong seller’s market. Pretty solidly good market for sellers.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,440,000 (+4.3%) $1,380,000 $1,550,000 (-7.1%)
Average Price $1,529,570 (+9.9%) $1,391,310 $1,586,540 (-3.6%)
No. of Sales 23 (-8.0%) 25 29 (-20.7%)
Pending 24 (-4.0%) 25 26 (-7.7%)
Active 49 (+25.6%) 39 32 (+53.1%)
Sale vs. List Price 105.1% (+3.0%) 102.1% 108.7% (-3.3%)
Days on Market 13 (-4.3%) 14 13 (+0.9%)
Days of Inventory 62 (+32.0%) 47 32 (+93.1%)


And last month:

Trends At a Glance May 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,380,000 (+5.5%) $1,307,500 $1,574,000 (-12.3%)
Average Price $1,391,310 (+2.9%) $1,351,500 $1,639,770 (-15.2%)
No. of Sales 25 (+108.3%) 12 36 (-30.6%)
Pending 25 (+19.0%) 21 31 (-19.4%)
Active 39 (+56.0%) 25 29 (+34.5%)
Sale vs. List Price 102.1% (+2.3%) 99.8% 109.7% (-6.9%)
Days on Market 14 (-65.7%) 41 14 (-0.6%)
Days of Inventory 47 (-22.5%) 60 24 (+93.7%)

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The Sunnyvale real estate market has remained strong, but like the rest of Silicon Valley, has softened compared to the spring 2018 market. In general, houses in Sunnyvale are selling for about $1,800,000 – if they aren’t too small or in terrible shape (or conversely palatial or newly built or remodeled). Let’s begin with single family homes.  (Live charts from Altos Research, which uses LIST prices, not sale prices.)

Sunnyvale real estate market: Altos Research, median list prices by quartile

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

What about the numbers for the closed sales? Now let’s have a look at the Sunnyvale CA RE Report for last month’s trends and statistics (click on link to get the full Sunnyvale real estate market report):

Sunnyvale Real Estate Market Trends at a Glance

Things have been leveling out.  Still off from last year.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,800,000 (+3.4%) $1,741,000 $2,010,000 (-10.4%)
Average Price $1,885,080 (+4.5%) $1,804,510 $1,956,120 (-3.6%)
No. of Sales 56 (+3.7%) 54 54 (+3.7%)
Pending 37 (-31.5%) 54 38 (-2.6%)
Active 60 (-6.3%) 64 46 (+30.4%)
Sale vs. List Price 103.5% (-1.7%) 105.3% 110.0% (-5.9%)
Days on Market 23 (+30.5%) 18 17 (+31.7%)
Days of Inventory 31 (-12.6%) 36 25 (+25.8%)

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How’s the Mountain View real estate market? This is one of the very hottest areas within Silicon Valley and is home to a myriad of high tech companies and in a stone’s throw of others. With a charming and walk-able downtown, easy access to CalTrain and a vibrant atmosphere conducive to both work and play, it is no wonder that people relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley place Mountain View squarely in their target. (Also popular are adjacent municipalities: Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, and Palo Alto.)

All that popularity comes at a cost, though. Prices have been sky high here for years, both for rentals and for home purchasing. The good news, though, for those with property or those who take the plunge and buy: it doesn’t look like Mountain View is going to lose its appeal anytime soon.

In this article, which is updated monthly, we will include live Altos Charts which automatically update weekly (so bookmark this page!) as well as monthly insights from the Real Estate Report for Mountain View. And time to time it will be enhanced with “in the trenches” commentary, too.

Overview of the city of Mountain View’s residential real estate market for houses:

See the whole Mountain View Real Estate Report online here.

It’s still a seller’s market in Mountain View with fast sales, but prices are down from last month as well as last year. The sale price to list price ratio is up, suggesting that sellers are being aggressive with their list prices and get a strong buyer’s response.

Mountain View Real Estate Market Update – houses:

Some mixed indicators, but overall, it looks as though the market is moving more into the sellers’ favor with mostly stronger pricing, shorter days on market, etc., however, some indicators are a little cooler.


Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $2,401,000 (+9.0%) $2,202,000 $2,275,000 (+5.5%)
Average Price $2,307,840 (+5.3%) $2,191,310 $2,454,190 (-6.0%)
No. of Sales 18 (-51.4%) 37 21 (-14.3%)
Pending 21 (-12.5%) 24 21 (0.0%)
Active 33 (+3.1%) 32 25 (+32.0%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.1% (-2.5%) 103.7% 109.9% (-7.9%)
Days on Market 12 (-39.7%) 20 15 (-20.8%)
Days of Inventory 53 (+104.9%) 26 35 (+54.0%)


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Leo or Leona - the mascot of Los GatosThe real estate market in Los Gatos is warm to hot, depending on which segment of the market you are considering.

This post will include info from both Altos Research, which uses LIST prices, and the RE Report, which uses listing and closed sale data, for the “in town” areas of Los Gatos (95030 and 95032).

From ALTOS – a view of LG 95030:

And 95032:

Here are the current numbers, per my Los Gatos real estate report (click on the link for full information).

The Los Gatos Mountains are a distinctly different market and as such are covered in a separate market update, updated less frequently than here, but with live Altos charts for that area.

Los Gatos Trends at a Glance

The market is a little mixed, with some indicators stronger and others a little weaker. Overall, though, it is very much a seller’s market with the average sale to list price at 101.4% and the days on market at just 24.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $2,600,000 (+5.7%) $2,460,000 $2,800,000 (-7.1%)
Average Price $2,745,390 (-1.6%) $2,788,930 $2,834,730 (-3.2%)
No. of Sales 31 (-16.2%) 37 39 (-20.5%)
Pending 41 (-4.7%) 43 43 (-4.7%)
Active 90 (+15.4%) 78 69 (+30.4%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.4% (+0.3%) 101.0% 101.9% (-0.5%)
Days on Market 24 (+8.2%) 22 18 (+31.1%)
Days of Inventory 84 (+33.1%) 63 51 (+64.1%)


And the month before:

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How’s the Saratoga California real estate market?

Orchard and Hills in Saratoga, California

Orchard and Hills in Saratoga, California

This is a fairly comprehensive article on the Saratoga real estate market that will include the live statistics from Altos Research for listed properties (not closed) in Saratoga CA 95070 plus the closed sale data from the RE Report for last month in Saratoga 95070. Additionally, I’ll include the months of inventory, or absorption rate, for the single family home market that I’ve gathered from the MLS myself.

First, a quick glance at the Altos Research market profile for a quick summary of the market conditions. Altos uses LIST prices, not sold prices, for this chart and the others, below.



Next, let’s turn to the closed sales from last month.  This time we’re using data from a subscription service of mine to the RE Report.

Here are the real estate sales statistics for closed sales last month among houses and duet homes (if there are any) in the 95070 zip code (click on link to read the full Saratoga Real Estate Report for houses). Bottom line is that most livable homes in Saratoga will run between $2 and $3 million if they are mid sized (2000-3000 SF) and in the best schools area (Saratoga or Cupertino). Homes in the Campbell schools area, which have very strong elementary and middle schools, are very rare and generally more affordable, closer to $1.5, but depending on size, condition, and location they can be significantly higher.

Trends at a Glance for the Saratoga real estate market

The market in Saratoga has some mixed signals with improved pricing month over month and a higher sale to list price, but a longer days of inventory and days on market.

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $2,880,000 (+7.3%) $2,685,000 $3,105,000 (-7.2%)
Average Price $3,129,040 (+14.3%) $2,737,250 $3,342,460 (-6.4%)
No. of Sales 24 (-25.0%) 32 28 (-14.3%)
Pending 35 (-12.5%) 40 24 (+45.8%)
Active 63 (-4.5%) 66 58 (+8.6%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.9% (+1.1%) 100.8% 105.5% (-3.4%)
Days on Market 33 (+12.1%) 30 26 (+26.2%)
Days of Inventory 76 (+23.0%) 62 60 (+26.7%)

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Bel Estos Drive near Carlton and Rosswood in San Jose's Cambrian areaCambrian is a strong seller’s market but prices are not back up to the values 12 months ago.  It appears that the low spot in the market is behind us now. Even so, we are seeing a little up and down in the market.

Some homes are selling fast with multiple offers and overbids. Others are sitting or selling after a longer period. Those which are fully remodeled, worry free, priced aggressively (with the expectation of multiple offers and overbids) are selling nicely. Homes with problem locations, problem property issues, and problem pricing are not moving. Buyers just won’t do it.

Quick profile of 95118 and 95124 from Altos – this is dynamic and should update automatically each week:


Cambrian Case Study:

Next, the monthly update with Cambrian 95124 with CUHSD, 1000-1500 SF:

Here are the averages from March 2018 to today (updated June 10, 2019).

March 2018 (10 sales)  average price per SF $1,100.53  average sale price $1,429,612
April 2018 (15 sales)     average price per SF $1,138.75  average sale price $1,417,000
May 2018 (14 sales)      average price per SF $1,076.54  average sale price $1,375,643
June 2018 (10 sales)     average price per SF   $980.64  average sale price  $1,258,550 
July 2018 (12 sales)       average price per SF   $974.35  average sale price  $1,232,958
August 2018 (9 sales)    average price per SF  $899.29  average sale price $1,176,522 – low point in 2018
September 2018 (11 sales)  average price per SF  $985.95  average sale price $1,235,545   Uptick – fall bump
October 2018 (18 sales)  average price per SF  $957.51  average sale price $1,205,738
November 2018 (7 sales)  average price per SF $943.79  average sale price $1,209,414
December 2018 (6 sales)  average price per SF $911.29  average sale price $1,208,333
January 2019 (7 sales) average price per SF $888.91 average sale price $1,136,571 – low point
February 2019 (7 sales) average price per SF $890.55 average sale price $1,087,857low point, 24% off!
March 2019 (8 sales) average price per SF $928.97 average sale price is $1,225,375 – Upward movement (14% off)
April 2019 (17 sales) average price per SF $961.69   average sale price is $1,223,983 – note the higher price per SF
May 2019 (16 sales) average price per SF $903.44  average sale price $1,195,688 – prices seem to have dipped
June 2019 (7 sales) average price per SF $876.65 average sale price $1,149,286 – softer sales and prices

December and January are often the lowest prices for the year, but this year the low spots for this part of the market were sales in January and February (sales ratified in Dec & Jan). Prices have been bouncing around a little (here and elsewhere in the county). A little bouncing happens in a normal market.

The data here uses a fairly small pool, so it will not be accurate for all parts of Cambrian, but it is an indicator of what the market is doing overall since this is a very in-demand segment of Cambrian. My own first home purchase was a small, 3 bed, 2 bath 1249 SF house on Tilden Drive in Cambrian off of Rosswood Drive, and I’ve found that homes of 1,000 to 1,500 SF in 95124 can be a good representation of the Cambrian market as a whole.

Cambrian sales stats (MLS area 14)

Prices are still down compared to last year, but the spring conditions are prevailing with strong sales, higher prices, higher sale price to list price as compared to the month before. The median and average priced homes most likely represent properties which are “somewhat updated” but not fully remodeled, nor total fixer uppers.

Here’s the RE Report info for last month’s sales:

Trends at a Glance

Trends At a Glance Jun 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $1,277,500 (-0.2%) $1,280,000 $1,312,500 (-2.7%)
Average Price $1,342,750 (+3.4%) $1,299,050 $1,385,810 (-3.1%)
No. of Sales 50 (-31.5%) 73 58 (-13.8%)
Pending 63 (+26.0%) 50 52 (+21.2%)
Active 76 (-17.4%) 92 49 (+55.1%)
Sale vs. List Price 101.7% (-1.4%) 103.1% 111.2% (-8.6%)
Days on Market 21 (+18.9%) 17 12 (+71.7%)
Days of Inventory 44 (+16.6%) 38 25 (+79.9%)

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