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Mary and Clair

Mary Pope-Handy and Clair Handy, Realtors selling homes in The Valley of Heart's DellightMary Pope-Handy and Clair Handy are a mother-daughter team working with Christie’s International Real Estate Sereno. We’re based in the Los Gatos office and work most of Santa Clara County, and sometimes go a little into neighboring counties.

We meet most of our clients either from past client or other referrals (lenders, friends, family) or through our network of Silicon Valley real estate blogs. We provide tons of information, particularly on neighborhoods, the real estate market by area, and many facets of home buying or selling on this site – no login required. If you like our sites (there are a few!)  please tell your friends. We are also building up our YouTube channel – check it out!

I, Mary, have been licensed and selling homes full time since 1993. A real estate education junkie, I have a number of Realtor designations. I began writing real estate content for popehandy.com in about 2000, and blogged in earnest with the Live in Los Gatos blog in 2007 while in the Inman News and Active Rain Project Blogger contest (which I won with my blog mentor). I’m a second generation Realtor, mentored from an early age by my mother, Pat Pope.

Clair has assisted me with regular real estate tasks and with website content, graphics, and support off and on since 2010. Clair took the plunge and got her license in July 2021 and has been my partner ever since. As a 3rd generation Realtor and former realty assistant, Clair knows an incredible amount about homes, the market, the buying and selling process, and more. From a young age she had an eye for all things housing related. When she was 7 or so, she said to me “uh oh, we have termites!” and had correctly identified pellets from drywood termites that dared to drill through our dining room’s hardwood floors.

We could not do all that we do without the support of many people and organizations. Please read more about them at Meet the Team.


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For those of us who advertise our telephone numbers, there are a LOT of spam calls. We prefer email as a first point of contact for that reason.  Calls are fine if you prefer, just leave a message and I’ll phone you back. We are happy to schedule a 1 hour free, no obligation consultation to discuss your real estate questions and needs and learn if we might be a fit working together. Or if you like our article(s), drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

Mary Pope-Handy
Calif DRE License # 01153805

Clair Handy
Realtor, GREEN
Calif DRE License # 02153633


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