Once full or orchards and farms, the Berryessa area of San Jose today is largely developed, but a few pockets of trees and agriculture do remain. Most of this district is housing, but there are also a good number of businesses. (The photo below is from a property I sold in this part of North San Jose in 2021.)

Berryessa boasts very strong commute access, including both light rail and BART as well as major auto routes. Highway 680 runs through it, and 101 and 880 are nearby. Additionally, the major airport for Silicon Valley is in close proximity, too, the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport. For the South Bay, this is one of the most accessible areas. This and the quality of many of the schools are perhaps the area’s biggest claim to fame.


Berryessa Orchard - property sold by Mary Pope-Handy

Where is Berryessa?

Berryessa is in the northern part of San Jose, set between the city of Milpitas to the north and the Alum Rock District to the south. The boundary on the east side is the East Foothills. The boundary on the west is Coyote Creek, approximately. Some resources may put it closer to Highway 101. (If you check  5 different sites, you may get 5 different answers for the boundaries on the west and south side of this district!)

Zip codes are 95131, 95132, 95133. (The MLS also includes a little of 95127, which is often thought of as Alum Rock Park.)

Another interesting, nearby area in San Jose is Japantown.

Which school districts serve this part of San Jose?

All or possibly just a vast majority of the Berryessa district is within the Berryessa Union Elementary School District, which has many highly scoring schools. The local MLS puts the area of Berryessa partly beyond that school district on the south and west sides, though.

This community is part of the East Side Union High School District. On the map below, it’s the whitish line tracing with the red line on the right side of the image.

Many of the Berryessa schools are highly rated by Great Schools.


Berryessa Union Elementary School School District boundaries map


The Berryessa real estate market: single family homes

The housing market in Berryessa is competitive, particularly when the home and neighborhood are in good shape and the school scores are strong.

Each month, the closed Berryessa real estate market statistics for this part of North San Jose are updated on our RE Report (single family homes). You can review the data for condos and townhomes in Berryessa here.

Berryessa real estate market trends at a Glance: houses and duet homes / single family homes

(Duet homes are  not the same thing as duplexes. Duplexes, like triplexes and fourplexes are investment or income producing properties.)

Berryessa’s prices are up from a year ago, but down from a month ago, interestingly. The sale to list price ratio slipped a hair, but still 13.5% over list price on average. It’s a hot market!

Trends at a Glance

Trends At a GlanceMay 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,625,000 (-11.6%)$1,837,500$1,452,000 (+11.9%)
Average Price$1,662,260 (-8.0%)$1,806,940$1,467,660 (+13.3%)
No. of Sales38 (+5.6%)3637 (+2.7%)
Pending34 (+13.3%)3025 (+36.0%)
Active23 (+91.7%)1219 (+21.1%)
Sale vs. List Price113.5% (-1.3%)114.9%104.5% (+8.6%)
Days on Market12 (+3.7%)1133 (-64.7%)
Days of Inventory18 (+87.8%)1015 (+17.9%)


and the month before:


Trends At a GlanceApr 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,837,500 (+8.4%)$1,694,440$1,386,000 (+32.6%)
Average Price$1,806,940 (+7.4%)$1,681,840$1,445,670 (+25.0%)
No. of Sales36 (+50.0%)2418 (+100.0%)
Pending30 (+30.4%)2330 (0.0%)
Active12 (-29.4%)1729 (-58.6%)
Sale vs. List Price114.9% (-0.8%)115.8%104.7% (+9.8%)
Days on Market11 (+7.6%)1015 (-24.7%)
Days of Inventory10 (-54.5%)2147 (-79.3%)


Condo Market in Berryessa: Trends at a Glance

The condominium and townhome market in Berryessa remains red hot with the sale to list price ratio of 106.3% and days on market a quick 15. Prices are rising!

Related: read about the Pepper Lane Townhomes in Berryessa (on this site)


Trends At a GlanceMay 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,055,000 (-4.3%)$1,102,500$980,000 (+7.7%)
Average Price$1,008,300 (-8.1%)$1,097,080$1,018,120 (-1.0%)
No. of Sales30 (-11.8%)3417 (+76.5%)
Pending20 (-20.0%)2513 (+53.8%)
Active17 (+21.4%)14(+142.9%)
Sale vs. List Price106.3% (-3.2%)109.9%107.0% (-0.6%)
Days on Market15 (+51.1%)1011 (+39.3%)
Days of Inventory17 (+42.4%)1212 (+37.6%)


And the month prior:


Trends At a GlanceApr 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,102,500 (+5.0%)$1,050,000$995,888 (+10.7%)
Average Price$1,097,080 (+4.4%)$1,051,150$963,928 (+13.8%)
No. of Sales34 (+36.0%)2517 (+100.0%)
Pending25 (-13.8%)2915 (+66.7%)
Active14 (-17.6%)17(+180.0%)
Sale vs. List Price109.9% (+3.3%)106.3%105.0% (+4.6%)
Days on Market10 (-18.0%)1218 (-47.3%)
Days of Inventory12 (-41.5%)20(+40.0%)


Altos Research (to which I have a subscription) provides weekly market reports by zip code using LIST prices (sold prices are often more). Here’s that info, which will be updated automatically each week, for the 3 zip codes listed above:



95132 – this zip code is really at the heart of the district, and some websites say that the district is the same as just this one zip code area.



Berryessa homes for sale & home prices

Interested in selling your home in Berryessa, or buying one there? The market is red hot.  I’ve shown many homes, and been in quite a number of multiple offer situations, over the last 12 months. With the arrival of BART, the housing market seems to be more desirable than ever there. Naturally, home buyers want to be close but not “too close” to transit lines. Being within a mile is a big plus for most consumers, though.

Here’s a preview of some of the most recently listed properties on the market there (except for Berryessa new homes, unless they are listed on the MLS), plus pending sales and homes sold in the last 30 days. Only 5 will show here, so click the link at the bottom to view all of them.

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See all Berryessa in San Jose, Real Estate.
(all data current as of 6/23/2024)

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We sell homes all over Santa Clara County, including 95131, 95132, and 95133. If you are looking for help with selling or buying a home in Berryessa, North San Jose, or anywhere in Santa Clara County, please reach out to us. The best way to start is via email, mary@popehandy.com, and we can set up a time to talk by phone.





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