This week one of my buyers asked me about the inventory levels in Santa Clara County (San Jose, specificially) and wondered if they’re lower than usual.  I get this question a lot lately so wanted to present the numbers to the readers of this Valley of Hearts Delight Blog.

How low is the inventory? It’s way off from last year in most parts of the west valley. But remember, last year was unusual.  (Below are the numbers for single family homes, or houses.)


SFH Almaden Cambrian Campbell Los Gatos Saratoga
MLS Areas 13 14 15 16 17
11/30/2009 50 86 81 133 86
11/30/2008 93 176 161 184 93
11/30/2007 58 163 130 113 58
11/30/2006 54 92 103 108 54
11/30/2005 56 81 73 104 56
11/30/2004 26 32 58 108 26
6 yr average 56 105 101 125 62


How much is this year’s inventory off from the average of the last 6 years?

Almaden: down appx 10%
Cambrian: down appx 18%
Campbell: down appx 20%
Los Gatos: up appx 6%
Saratoga: up appx 38%

Once again, “easy answers” allude us.

If we were to push this further, we’d find that certain price points (or bands or strata) in the market are way above or below the typical numbers.  It is very hard to generalize accurately.  Anecdotally, though, it seems as though there’s very little on the market as far as my buyers are concerned (and right now, my buyers are looking at properties in Santa Clara County ranging from the 400s to between 1 and 2 million).

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