Cambrian Park neighborhoods list

Cambrian Park Plaza sign - original Cambrian Park village areaThere are so many Cambrian Park neighborhoods covered on this site that listing them all directly on the menu bar’s drop down area became somewhat unmanageable for viewers on a desktop computer, so we’ve created this page as an easier way to access that information. (It was fine on mobile.) We hope that our readers will find this list view more user friendly in general!

If you aren’t familiar with this district of San Jose, please check out this introductory article: Cambrian Park: Good Schools, Low Crime, Close to Los Gatos and Campbell. Below the list of Cambrian Park neighborhoods please find additional info on this area and its boundaries as well as related resources here and on our other websites. .

List of Cambrian Park neighborhoods (articles all on this site)

We have not covered EVERY subdivision, area, or part of Cambrian, but we continue researching, photographing, and writing about the many interesting parts of this district and hope to become the most comprehensive resource for information on Cambrian Park neighborhoods anywhere. Want us to write about your subdivision or area? Please email me with the tip or suggestion. We are working off of a list and will likely be busy doing this for years 🙂

Almaden Winery: Tresor, Vineland, Vintage subdivisions (in Cambrian 95118, along the Almaden Valley border)

Alta Vista (partly in Cambrian, partly in Los Gatos), this is a scenic area highly prized as it’s close to the elementary and middle school as well as the Safeway and other shops at the Downing Center in Los Gatos.

Blossom Hill Farms (a subdivision between the Del Oro area and Strathmore in Los Gatos)

Cambrian Gardens This is often considered part of the Little Branham or De Voss neighborhood.

Del Oro neighborhood of Cambrian on the Los Gatos border This pretty community is just off of Blossom Hill Road.

Glenpark A subdivision in the much larger Lone Hill area, which is close to Blossom Hill Road and Camden Avenue.

Hacienda Gardens This neighborhood straddles Foxworthy Avenue and is partly in Cambrian and partly in Willow Glen.

The “King Street” Neighborhood of Cambrian Park on the Los Gatos Border

Kooser neighborhood – an area off of Kooser Road in the Union School District, 95118 zip code

Lone Hill Highlands neighborhood Duet homes held in condo ownership near Lone Hill Park

Noddin (borders Los Gatos and Almaden – southernmost corner of Cambrian

Oster Neighborhood in Cambrian This is a tree lined area between Leigh and Camden Avenues.

Scottsdale 2 and Coronado This is a little section of the 95118 zip code which enjoys Union Schools. This area offers slightly younger homes and is more affordable than similar properties with the 95124 area. Many home buyers consider it a great value area.

Soterion These are younger homes on small lots close to Highway 85 and Camden Avenue.

Villa Cambrian subdivision in the Parker area Just north of Highway 85, close to the Cambrian Park Plaza and Hogue Park


We are working on a map project, trying to cover various areas and subdivisions. Here’s a sneak peak of the map – we have not written about all of the subdivisions shown, but it’s part of the To Do list. There are too many bare spots, but we’re hoping that the finished project will be useful to our clients and other viewers.

Cambrian neighborhoods and subdivisions - part of 95124 only


Cambrian Park neighborhoods and confusion: the basics

Historically, Cambrian was a large area spanning what would be many zip codes today. Over time, other names took over some of those sections, and the changes have continued to recent decades. No wonder there is confusion.

For real estate agents using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Cambrian, or Cambrian Park is what we refer to as “Area 14”.  The boundaries are a little blurry and at times confusing.

  • It includes nearly all of 95124 (part is in Willow Glen, north of Foxworthy), nearly all of 95118 (west of Almaden Expressway), and there are pockets along the Campbell and San Jose border that traditionally have been considered part of Cambrian, too. At some point in recent years the MLS eliminated that pocket from MLS Area 14. Locals may continue viewing it as part of both Campbell and Cambrian, though.
  • This area spans three elementary school districts and two high school districts:
    • The elementary districts are Union, Cambrian, and San Jose Unified
    • The high school districts are Campbell Union High School District and San Jose Unified

Here’s the OLD MLS map for Area 14.

OLDER Cambrian MLS Area 14 map

The older MLS map for Cambrian Park – the area west of Bascom is in Campbell. Today the MLS boundary for Cambrian stops at Bascom Avenue.


The CURRENT MLS map for Area 14 eliminates that pocket west of Bascom.


Cambrian Park neighborhoods area with general boundaries

The red line represents the MLS area boundaries, but in many cases it also delineates the city or town boundaries. There are some bizarre areas, though, where homes are in San Jose but have a Los Gatos mailing address or vice versa.

Cambrian real estate market data can be found here:

  • The Cambrian Park real estate market update (this site – we provide current data each month, usually between the 5th and 10th)
  • The monthly RE Report for Cambrian (a subscription site that we have which covers many areas in Santa Clara and nearby counties). Clock on the boxes at the top to view a grid or summary of the data.
  • Altos Research, another subscription, does weekly market updates by city and zip code. Caveat: it uses LIST prices, not sold prices. Still great info! Check out the data for 95124 and 95118, or navigate to other interesting zip codes!