Campbell's most affordable homes - image of a house with the words Home Sweet HomeHunting for more Campbell’s most affordable homes for sale? It can be argued that nothing is either inexpensive or affordable, however we want to consider the Campbell real estate options relative to other Silicon Valley communities and their prices. There are always higher and lower priced properties.

Campbell’s most affordable homes: beware the price mirage

Sometimes the lowest listing price of a home on the market is not actually going to be the lowest selling price. It could just be bait. Some sellers and their listing agents vastly underprice  houses, townhouses, and condos on the market in order to get an avalanche of offers. I refer to that as a price mirage – it looks good but isn’t real.

Don’t be fooled be an artificially low list price. Often a quick check of the property on can provide some decent pricing input. The pages for listings usually include a RealEstimate section that features up to 3 auto comp values. These automatic valuations aren’t foolproof, but if a house is listed for $900,000 and the page suggests a value of $1.6 to $1.8, you are put on notice that it may be grossly underpriced.  You can check the other large portals, too, as a reality check on values.

Elements that create opportunity to get more home for your money

Every city, town, and community has more and less affordable pockets and properties. Campbell’s most affordable homes for sale may have one of these elements at play.

The pricing variation often has to do with a few major areas:

  • . location (location, location, location remains the # 1 driver of values – a home with a location defect will be a more affordable one – always do your location research first
    • being just a few blocks from downtown is a major plus
    • a location backing to a freeway or fronting a major road is a negative, as is being too close to a school
    • a house backing to an apartment building, condo complex, or more dense housing will have a negative impact
    • backing to a grocery store (think 2 a.m. backup beepers!) or other shops is not as desirable as backing to another house
  • home size, condition, # of bedrooms etc.
    • original square footage is more valuable that added with a permit, and added without a permit is less valuable still
    • homes that are overbuilt for the neighborhood, such as a 4,000 SF house in a neighborhood of 1,500 SF homes, will not sell as highly as if it were in a neighborhood of equally luxurious homes
    • each bedroom has a value, so a 3 bed house with 2,000 SF will not be as valuable as a 2,000 SF with 4 bedrooms (see What is a bedroom worth?) – but if there is wasted space, perhaps a 4th bedroom could be created?
    • most buyers consider a kitchen that is 18 years old as one that needs remodeling – dated remodels are better than original condition, but the newer the remodeling, the more buyers appreciate it, generally – if you don’t mind maple cabinets that are becoming yellow or develop an orange tint, this could be an opportunity
    • age matters for safety! Historic homes may be charming, but are the houses bolted to the foundation, and do the foundations have rebar in them? Be sure to keep earthquake safety as well as other safety issues front of mind. If those elements aren’t ok, is it affordable to retrofit them?
  • lot size
    • for houses, a larger lot size can mean the possibility of expanding the house or adding an ADU or doing other improvements that will bring a good return on investment
    • for townhouses or condos with a patio or yard, the larger lot size means more usability and better quality of life due to distance between units

Tips on Campbell’s most affordable homes for sale

The cheapest house to buy may not be the lowest cost in the endI tend to see these variables as being in two major groups: things which can be changed, such as the condition of the home or yard, and things which cannot, as with a major location defect. The opportunity tends to come from real estate with fixable defects. The ugly house is often a good deal!

Most homebuyers go for the turnkey house, and in doing so, find themselves in bidding wars. If instead you write an offer on a stale listing that isn’t fully remodeled, you’ll usually get more home for your money.

Campbell’s most affordable homes may be small homes on larger lots that can be expanded later, homes with cosmetic problems but “good bones”, and other opportunities that may be fixable. The downside: contractors and flippers may be looking at these, too, so you’ll have competition.

Don’t count on finding a short sale or bank owned property

Distressed properties, such as bank owned homes or short sales, have been few and far between in the last decade. With rising interest rates, it’s possible that some homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages may find themselves forced to sell, but most likely those same folks have equity and will sell long before the wolf is at the door. Don’t count on finding these.

What about a fixer upper?

A cosmetic fixer may be a good deal. Are the major components of the home upgraded, or are the windows, roof, sewer line, plumbing, electrical, and more all on their last leg? Is it just a case of ugly tile and fuzzy wallpaper?

Beware buying a “total fixer” unless you have deep pockets. If a home needs major repairs to the foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, sewer and other systems, the cost to make it habitable can go up dramatically.

It’s one thing to say you don’t mind a home with a 1950s, mid Century modern vibe, but you may not want all the infrastructure that comes with it. A house with a wall of single pane glass may be freezing in winter and an oven in summer, so make note of things that are original as you go.  Look for attics (insulation present or it could be added), or in the case of a mid-Century modern house, a foam roof to provide insulation.

Making a location compromise

Sometimes, home buyers will select a property with a location defect since it is what makes possible buying in a particular school district or other sought after area. It’s imperative to remember when selling that it will be the next owner’s bargain price, too. If safety is an issue, see if any of the risks can be mitigated before taking the plunge.

Another location tip: instead of looking in this city, you might also check homes for sale near Campbell, such as in San Jose 95117 and 95129.

Altos Data on pricing

Altos Research charts provide a sense list prices, which is helpful perspective if we’re talking about the least costly.

Here is a chart displaying the median list price for houses by pricing quartile:

And here’s a similar one for the median list price of condos and townhouses by pricing segment:

More affordable homes for sale in Campbell, CA: listings at last!

Below please find Campbell’s most affordable homes in all categories of housing & residential real estate!  These are properties currently listed as available on our local MLS, or pending, or just sold recently.

More affordable homes for sale in Campbell: houses listed up to $1,350,000

It’s a big challenge to find a house listed for sale at $1,35 million or less, but there are a few. Below see the active listings (if any), pending sale, or recently sold and closed single family homes in this price bracket.

  • List View
  • Map View
  • Grid View

See all Campbell houses up to $1.35 million.
(all data current as of 5/29/2024)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.



Less expensive Campbell Townhouses and Condominiums for Sale

If a Campbell townhouse or condo is what you seek, here is a list of Campbell’s most affordable homes for sale today (and some that have sold and closed recently):

  • List View
  • Map View
  • Grid View

See all Campbell townhouses & condos up to 1.15 mil.
(all data current as of 5/29/2024)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.



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