Saratoga’s Portos-Harleigh Neighborhood

Portos-Harleigh NeighborhoodThe Portos-Harleigh neighborhood is a highly sought after community in Saratoga. Suburban yet centrally located, walkable, and easy access for commuters. Keep reading to learn more about this neighborhood, its homes, the local amenities, possible concerns, and home costs.

Neighborhood Profile: Boundaries and Property Descriptions

This community encompasses a number of streets north of West Valley College, and is named by its most prominent streets: Portos Drive and Harleigh Drive. It’s major borders are Saratoga Ave to the north west, Fruitvale Ave to the west, and Allendale Ave to the south between Fruitdale and Via Alto Ct.

This community lies within the greater Gardiner Park neighborhood (according to NextDoor), which also includes the Saratoga Gardens subdivision, Aspesi / Casa Blanca, and Riverdale communities to the north, and Peremont tract to the east.

It includes multiple tracts and was primarily built up in the 1960s and 1970s, but there are younger homes as well. Kerwin Ranch Ct and the end of Ronnie Wy are two smaller tracts built up between 1987 – 1995. Throughout the neighborhood there have been individual rebuilds over the years.

Most homes are on large, standard lots, but there are a smattering of flag lots as well.

The Average Portos-Harleigh Home

If I pull the data on homes in this mapped area. Here’s what the “average home” would look like:


Elevation map – learn your home’s elevation

There’s a cool elevation map, or topographical map, which can show us the elevation of any given parcel in the area.  The topographical map can be accessed HERE. Seeing a topographical map isn’t too surprising, but what did somewhat amaze me was the ability to zoom in, click on a particular house, and learn its precise elevation over sea level.

Why an elevation map might matter to you

Knowing the topography is useful for learning whether your neighborhood is truly flat or if there’s a bit of hill that you aren’t noticing. The understanding slope is helpful for understanding which way the water runs in downpours, among other things.

Elevation map for San Jose and nearby

The map is color coded with reds being higher and blues being lower.