Cambrian home prices rise sharply

Cambrian home prices rise sharply as multiple offers and overbids result in shockingly high sale prices. The Cambrian real estate market has been like this, truly on fire, for the last 45-60 days or so. One friend of mine had her Cambrian listing on the market and under contract in December, it fell through and resold for more than $100,000 more in November. Turns out, that kind of price jump is exactly what is happening in the Cambrian real estate market today!

When I looked at the numbers on the MLS  a few minutes ago, I thought it was enough of a story to post about it now (Feb 25), before the month is even over. The better homes, which are nicely  updated and in good locations and priced aggressively, have been leading the pack, but it seems that many home types and price points are enjoying the benefit of this strong seller’s market.

One downside, of course, is that many buyers are having problems with low appraisals.

Cambrian home prices rise sharply: graph

This first image is a graph of the Cambrian median sale prices and the average sale prices month over month. What’s nice about this view is that it makes the upward jump in February (so far this month) very obvious to see.


2020-02-25 Cambrian Median and Average Sale Prices SFH Graph