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HOA Reserve AccountParticularly with so many home owners “underwater” and struggling to pay their bills – mortgage, property tax, HOA dues etc. – a big concern for those in common interest developments such as townhouse and condominium communities is whether or not the reserve account is well enough funded. Too often, they aren’t.

Jacquie Berry, owner of Community Association Data Source, is our local expert in HOA documents and disclosure. Recently she spoke at the Los Gatos-Saratoga Association of Realtors Wednesday breakfast meeting and shared these statistics, which are a bit scary:

There are over 48,000 homeowner associations in California; CIDs make up a quarter of all housing in the state of California; 49 percent of CIDs are self-managed and less than 25 percent are 100 percent funded in their reserves.

To read more about her comments to the realty board, please view the post on the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors blog: REALTORS® told HOA compliance is all about disclosure.

Thinking of buying a condo, townhouse, or property with an HOA? Make sure that you check out the reserve account and the rest of the disclosures to better protect yourself against raises in dues or “special assessments” later. If you are currently a member of an HOA, keep a close eye on the financial health of the group vis-a-vis the reserve account.





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