A few years back, I visited the Suddath Relocation Service’s warehouse in San Jose. Charles Canfield, my sales representative there, had invited me to come by and have a look. My direct experience with moving companies hadn’t included a behind-the-scenes visit to to their work and storage site, so I took him up on the kind offer and got a tour of a different sort. During my visit, Charles showed me how they get items labeled, organized and stored so that things are both secure and find-able when it’s time to take them out of storage and off to a new residence. What follows below are some photos of the visit, which I hope you find interesting.

When first approaching the warehouse, it’s no surprise to see some trucks by the bays to load or offload goods.


Suddath Relocation Systems trucks


After seeing the lobby and conference room, Charles took me to the warehouse, which is (not surprisingly) climate controlled to protect the items being stored. There I saw as yet unmade boxes, paper for wrapping fragile items, sheets of what look like clear plastic wrap for bundling things together. I was amazed at the immensity of the whole thing – the room, the materials, the containers. It all struck me as vast.


Sudduth wrapping materials


Next he explained to me how items are carefully packaged, cataloged and boxes bundled together.

Sofas and large pieces of furniture will get the blanket treatment.


Sudduth moving blankets


And from there, into crates, where they will rest until it’s time to be shipped to the new home (whether in Silicon Valley or elsewhere in the U.S.).


Sudduth wooden storage bins


If you need help with moving and storage, please give Charles Canfield a call. He can be reached at 800-486- 4833, ex 3993. And tell him that Mary sent you!

Please note: this is not a paid advertisement and no goods were provided to me in exchange for the post. From time to time I will write up something when I’ve had a good experience with a company or local business (especially so in my Live in Los Gatos blog).