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On Friday I drove from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles to get my son (and his stuff) from college at LMU at the end of the school year.  On Saturday, we drove back.  It was a quick trip but we did have some fun and see some sights, lingering a few hours at the exquisite Getty Museum especially.

The last little stop we made was in the south county at one of the many, many fruit stands along Highway 152 near Gilroy, the Merry Cherry Fruit Stand.  There we purchased some cherries (naturally!) and pistachios.  Since some of my blog’s readers are actually not in Silicon Valley, and may not be familiar with this area, I thought it would be good to share a couple of pics.  These were taken in the late afternoon, around 6:15 or 6:30, so there are long shadows – but it was fabulous spring weather and very pleasant out. It’s a pretty typical roadside stand and there are many of them in this region. (Note to visitors: most of these places are cash only.)



This next photo was taken from the parking area of the Merry Cherry stand. I loved how the shadows looked in the groves of the ploughed field, waiting for the next planting, or perhaps for sprouts to soon appear.



For people who’ve never been to Santa Clara County (where most of Silicon Valley can be found), or new to our part of Northern California, it’s a suprise that we still have farmland and fruit stands. We also have vineyards and wineries in various parts of the county, especially the Santa Cruz Mountains and “south county”. These agricultural regions are a reminder us that our whole area was once largly farm based and was then called “the Valley of Heart’s Delight”.

If you’ve never been to Morgan Hill or Gilroy, don’t wait for the Garlic Festival or a need to hit the outlet malls to drive down and investgate the area.  It’s really quite beautiful and there are many interesting nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered.





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