Greenlee's Bakery in San Jose - the best cinnamon bread in Silicon ValleyGreenlee’s Bakery in San Jose offers the very best (most temptingly irresistible) cinnamon bread in Silicon Valley. Located on the Alameda near Race Street, it’s just about a block from Schurra’s handmade chocolate shop (between the Shasta Hanchett neighborhood and the Shark Tank or arena & downtown San Jose) so is a good reason to visit that neck of the woods should you have company coming to town – offering a perfect excuse for stocking up on the goods!

I should add that you can now buy Greenlee’s famous cinnamon bread at many local Whole Foods markets. But they are not nearly as fresh as if you walk into the shop itself. Besides, at the Greenlee’s store you can also buy the mini size, which is a whole lot safer for most of us.Greenlee's bakery - a peek at the goodies

And in case the second option isn’t workable for you, Greenlee’s has now gone a step further and made it possible to order the cinnamon bread online.

Greenlee’s makes a lot of fabulous foods: cakes, cookies, brownies and all sorts of delectable treats.  The cinnamon bread is my personal favorite, but I strongly suggest that you drop by the store and see what strikes your fancy.  The odds are good that it will be a dilemma because everything is appealing. And it’s every bit as good as it looks and smells!

Finally, it should be noted that this business is a long term San Jose staple, being a part of the Santa Clara County landscape since 1924.  Talk about a delicious tradition! I remember it from the 70s and had thought that was a long time prior to reading up on their history.

Where is Greenlee’s Bakery? What’s their contact info?

1081 The Alameda
San Jose CA 95126

(408) 287-4191
(fax) (408) 287-7538
greenleesbakery@sbcglobal.netOther stuff you should know:

For long term residents of Santa Clara County, a quick update on parking: you used to be able to park in back and come in through a rear door, but for some reason that access is now cut off. You need to park on the street and enter though the main door on the Alameda.  (Yes, it is a hassle but it’s worth it.)