Back in December, when we actually enjoyed a bit of rain, my family and I trekked over to Hakoke Gardens in Saratoga to introduce a visiting relative to the beauty of this park-like setting. I’ve been meaning to share the images ever since but am motivated especially now because of upcoming events there.

Hakone Matsuri Japanese Festival
Sunday May 17th. 11am – 4pm
There are more events to consider, which I will post below the slideshow.  Hakone is lovely year round, but even more stunning now in spring – so if you have never seen it, please go take in the sights!

Hakone Gardens photo gallery – images from December 2014


Other events at Hakone Gardens:

Hakone Public Tea Ceremony
Third Sunday of every month, from April to November
Seatings at 12 noon, 1 pm & 2 pm
Entrance fee + $7 per person – reservation required

I know that at one point they were also offering Tai Chi classes there (and what a great setting that would be!), so it’s worthwhile to check their website for full details of events.

Want more?  Watch the YouTube video on the history of Hakone: