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ToadstoolsLawn mushrooms are the bane of gardeners everywhere; we usually refer to these unwanted pests as toadstools.  Toadstools are really the same thing as mushrooms but are often not edible and are poisonous – so we think of toadstools as bad but mushrooms as food.  These members of the fungus family pop up when we get a little moisture, so they are a common sight once a little rain appears, as it just did last week.   They are not harmful if left alone, but people with pets and children may be concerned about these unwanted visitors being ingested, causing sickness or death – so for that reason, it may be advisable to rid your yard of them.

These fungi thrive on decomposing plant matter, whether it’s old roots, sawdust, animal droppings, or a fallen log. Some of the suggested treatments involve getting rid of what they are feeding on. (Remove scat or pet poop.) If that’s not practical, for instance if there’s loads of sawdust under your lawn, neutralizing it with soapy water after aerating the area or apply nitrogen fertilizer or something similar to help.

Do wear gloves when handling them directly Do rake or mow the toadstools to remove them.  Want more info?  Here are a few articles to help:

Mushrooms and Other Nuisance Fungi in Lawns (University of California)





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