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Downtown Los AltosLos Altos is a scenic town, semi-rural, conveniently located, with notably good schools (Los Altos or Cupertino schools). The charming old style downtown enjoys superior restaurants, shops, and a pleasant place to stroll. Its a great community for pedestrians and cyclists (lots of paths), and is a quick jaunt to both Palo Alto and Mountain View, both very popular peninsula destinations.

There’s a brief history of Los Altos on that city’s website that I found interesting.  First, the land that started the community was originally 140 acres purchased from Sara Winchester. Second, Foothill Expressway used to be a right of way for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The train line ceased operations in 1964, and the expressway was put in. Love local history from the Valley of Heart’s Delight? The Los Altos History Museum is a worthwhile destination.

The zip codes don’t stay within the city’s boundaries. Both 94022 and 94024 can be found in Los Altos and adjacent Los Altos Hills.

Los Altos Real Estate Market Conditions

Below please find first information from Altos Research, and then from the RE Report (I have subscriptions to both). Altos’ data is for the city and by zip codes. It uses list prices and its charts and reports are updated automatically each week. The RE Report uses data for each full month and provides it for the city as a whole and also by four distinct regions or neighborhoods.  Both reports offer a subscription option if you click on the links.

The next 3 charts are from Altos Research and they are updated weekly, so check back often!  You can see the weekly report, with even more data, by visiting the link. Subscribe for Los Altos, for one of its zip codes, or anywhere else nearby by first entering the desired zip or city in the “Search Anywhere” button and then clicking on subscribe.

All of Los Altos – both 94022 and 94024






94024 – part of which has Cupertino schools



Los Altos Real Estate Trends at a Glance – RE Report

See the full realty report for all of Los Altos here. Below, I’ll provide links for the reports to four areas within Los Altos: Country Club, Highlands, North Los Altos, and South of El Monte.

Altos shows the market here as a strong seller’s market, but the RE Report for last month tells a story of falling home prices, longer days of inventory, and many other signs of a softening housing market – though please note that the sale price to list price ratio went up significantly in January as compared to December.  Please remember that Altos is weekly, and the RE Report is looking back to the last complete month, so they are coming at the question from different angles. Where they converge is this: for homes well priced (today’s pricing, not last spring’s), it is a hot market!


Trends At a Glance Feb 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $3,225,000 (+11.2%) $2,900,000 $3,505,000 (-8.0%)
Average Price $3,546,800 (+24.5%) $2,849,290 $3,627,990 (-2.2%)
No. of Sales 10 (+42.9%) 7 20 (-50.0%)
Pending 15 (+87.5%) 8 17 (-11.8%)
Active 25 (+56.3%) 16 15 (+66.7%)
Sale vs. List Price 104.7% (-0.5%) 105.1% 114.1% (-8.3%)
Days on Market 18 (-32.6%) 27 10 (+83.1%)
Days of Inventory 68 (-1.6%) 69 20 (+233.3%)


And the month before:


Trends At a Glance Jan 2019 Previous Month Year-over-Year
Median Price $2,900,000 (-12.1%) $3,300,000 $2,950,000 (-1.7%)
Average Price $2,849,290 (-12.5%) $3,257,090 $3,315,000 (-14.0%)
No. of Sales (-36.4%) 11 (0.0%)
Pending (0.0%) 8 17 (-52.9%)
Active 16 (+433.3%) 3 (+77.8%)
Sale vs. List Price 105.1% (+4.6%) 100.5% 111.6% (-5.8%)
Days on Market 27 (+7.2%) 25 (+478.8%)
Days of Inventory 69 (+738.1%) 8 39 (+77.8%)


Interested in a particular region of the city?  Use these links for similar charts and more statistics on the Los Altos real estate market trends:


Homes for sale in Los Altos




More Info:

Los Altos is sometimes confused with Los Altos Hills (a separate city, but same zip codes, with generally much larger homes and lots) and also Los Gatos. If you are interested in Los Gatos, I’ve written about Los Gatos on this site, and also have an entire website / blog devoted to the town: Live in Los Gatos Blog.

Great information from my other site,
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Official city of Los Altos website
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The local paper, the Los Altos Town Crier.
Los Altos Town Crier


Home Value Estimate – What’s My Home Worth?

What's My Home WorthInterested in selling your Los Altos home, or learning about its current market value? Please reach out to me by using this form on the RE site or emailing me.  The more details you provide, the more accurate the valuation will be (if you use the form, please also jot me a quick email or expect a phone call from me to better understand remodeling, condition, etc.). Please provide your full name, email and preferably also a phone number with the address and any specifics to or use this form. *This offer is for home owners only and for properties not currently listed or pending sale.*