Los Gatos neighborhoods

Los Gatos is a charming and historic town in a scenic setting, and many Los Gatos neighborhoods are adjacent to the vibrant downtown area.

This is a charming and scenic town set at the base of the coastal foothills, also known as the Santa Cruz Mountains. The public schools are highly regarded, it has a vibrant downtown and community generally, and overall, it’s just a delightful place to call home.

The town includes about 11 square miles and several school districts, a number of historic districts, and a wonderful array of parks.  It’s also home to the Netflix headquarters and other tech and video game companies while also enjoying horse stables, wineries, and more rural businesses.  We have the gamut here!

The community is active and involved year round with events for everyone, including a large summer lineup of free concerts for all. Books have been written about the town, and I could fill many pages on just a general description of the eateries, coffee shops, stores, businesses and more. In fact, that’s how our Live in Los Gatos blog came to be: there was just so much to be said that it warranted a whole website. We do cover Los Gatos in this large site, but for the most current and detailed info, please check our LILG blog!

If you’re interested in the housing market stats, please read our article, updated monthly: Los Gatos real estate market trends

Below you will find many links to articles about particular Los Gatos neighborhoods.

Featured Los Gatos neighborhoods list

The majority of the Los Gatos neighborhoods posts can be found on our Live in Los Gatos blog – please see this page to get the most comprehensive access to Los Gatos neighborhood information anywhere: List of Los Gatos neighborhoods. This page has links to dozens of  articles that we’ve written. LINKS WITH BULLET POINTS ARE FROM THE LILG blog.

We have written about many neighborhoods and subdivisions in town, but we have not covered every square inch of it. Many areas don’t have names per se, and even the county tax assessor’s records do not show a subdivision name. In many cases, there are tract numbers – but not all! An area near by home has a few houses that are simply said to be Lot A, Lot B, and so on. Realtors often refer to areas by their major cross streets, such as the “Kennedy Road area”.


East Los Gatos neighborhoods

East Los Gatos

Alta Vista neighborhood (LG and Cambrian border area)
Belwood, Belgatos, and Surmont
Blossom Manor (originally called Blossom Hill Manor)
Heritage Grove
Loma Vista, El Gato & Rancho Padre
Strathmore neighborhood
Surrey Farms (originally called Surrey Farm)
Vista del Monte

Los Gatos - downtown and central

Central / Downtown Los Gatos

North Los Gatos

North Los Gatos

West Los Gatos neighborhoods

West Los Gatos

Cameo Park West (Campbell neighborhood with LG mailing address)
Rio Rinconada, Saratoga Highlands & La Rinconada Park neighborhood

And also:


Do you want us to write about your Los Gatos subdivision or neighborhood?

If your neighborhood isn’t here or on LILG and you want us to cover it, please email me and tell me what you can about it, its boundaries, if known, and anything else. Some info isn’t in any official papers, so if you know that an area was designed by a particular architect or constructed by a certain builder, please tell us.

Typically it takes a long time to research subdivisions and neighborhoods, using the county records and the MLS. Then we normally take photos of the streets and nice looking houses / yards to give people a feel for what homes are like there, Then I use Google My Maps to map out that area’s approximate boundaries. Any help that you can provide in understanding the correct boundaries would be super helpful.