Malibu Grill in San Jose - menu

Malibu Grill in San Jose – menu

Malibu Grill is a Silicon Valley sports bar and hamburger place (and more, of course – baby back ribs, chicken, pizza, pasta) with the dual themes of surfing and all things athletic.  Jim and I occasionally pop over there for lunch or dinner as it’s just a few blocks from our neighborhood, Belwood of Los Gatos and we like the food, service, ambiance and prices.  Today we did again and happened to be there for Monday Madness Hamburgers, which save patrons a couple of bucks. That’s always nice!

A casual but friendly and comfortable restaurant, the Malibu Grill features a broad array of tasty burgers, sandwiches, and other items from the grill. It’s not all fried or carby food, though.  Today I ordered the Malibu Burger (basically a cheeseburger) with a side green salad rather than the fries (for $1 more or I could have had cole slaw, potato salad or fries at no extra cost).

Malibu Grill dining area includes views of sports on TV

Malibu Grill dining area includes views of sports on TV

Prices are reasonable.  You order at the cash register and pay, and the food is brought to your table. If you are following a game on one of the many televisions, you’ll be happy to not have to get up to retrieve your order.

This eatery has a huge collection of surfing and sports memorabilia and a lot of televisions.  Kids would find plenty to look at here, and with the classic menu items, it shouldn’t be too hard to feed the young set either. It would be a great place to dine after a kids’ or school sporting event as well as ideal to catch the NFL or other game you can’t view at home or online.

Malibu Grill beverage area

Adults will be pleased to know that Malibu Grill offers a very nice selection wine and beer on tap, including at least a couple of “light beers” too.

No matter where you sit, there will be at least one flat screen television in view.  At our booth, I was facing one but Jim could see three adjacent screens over the bar, all with different sports programs showing. (Since the Patriots were being shown on one of those, I quickly joined him in facing the multiple TVs.)

Located along Camden Avenue in San Jose, Malibu Grill is technically in the Cambrian area but on the edge of both Almaden and Los Gatos.  It’s easy to get there – just a few blocks off of Blossom Hill Road, not far from Hwy 85 too.

If you’re looking for a fun, unpretentious restaurant with good food and very fair prices, Malibu Grill is your match.  Read more about them on their website, or just drop by and give it a spin.

Malibu Grill
5735 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA

(408) 448-7300
Note: as with all of my posts here, on and elsewhere, this article is not a paid endorsement and the proprietors do not even know that I was planning to pen this piece.  Just sharing my own personal and positive experience with my readers.