Merrivale West sign in West San Jose CA 95117Merrivale West is a very popular community of 248 townhouses, built by Ditz-Crane in beginning in 1972, in the “West San Jose” area offering beautiful grounds & homes as well as a fantastic commute location and low HOA dues (homeowner association fees).


Where is Merrivale West?


This complex is found near the intersection of San Tomas Expressway and Payne Avenue in the 95117 area of San Jose. The main road running through the neighborhood is Millich, but there are a number of smaller streets with the designation of “square” too (Merrivale Square, for instance). From this location, it’s a quick jaunt to Santana Row (just 2 miles!) or to downtown Campbell. It’s easy freeway access too. The location is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this area.


What does it cost to buy a townhouse in Merrivale West?

Homes vary in size and precise location as well as interior condition. Most properties are selling from about $900,000 to $1.15 million, as of Jan 2024. There have been sales more than 1.1 million and almost to 1.2 million at the peak of the market in Spring 2022, but prices have come down here as well as everywhere else in the valley since that time.

Larger homes, such as the 1368 sf model (2 bed/2.5 bath) generally sell at the higher end of the price spectrum. Overall, though, selection tends to be slim: homes here sell fast, about 7 – 10 days most of the time, and the perpetual desirability of the neighborhood helps to keep values up.


Merrivale West townhomes

How much are the monthly HOA fees at Merrivale West? Who manages this complex?


The monthly home owner association fees are $350 as of Jan 2024 (some recent sales had $323 listed). What is amazing is that this is not a stripped down community – there is a pool and clubhouse to enjoy, the landscaping is gorgeous, the private roads and parking areas are in good repair and the units are nicely painted. It’s a bargain! (The management company, by the way, is Compass Management in San Jose – not affiliated with the brokerage of a similar name.)

Why does this complex have such low HOA dues? Most likely it’s because it is a PUD. With PUD ownership, the owner and not the HOA will pay for repairs to siding, roofs, balconies, etc. In condo ownership the HOA would cover those items in most cases. Home owners here need to be sure to put money aside for repairs that HOA dues might cover with condominium ownership.

Reroofing  (as opposed to roof repairs) are coordinated so that blocks of units do it at the same time. It’s less costly, is easier, and the roofs look better by taking care of  roof replacement at the same time. So too with exterior painting for regular upkeep. This will be done in a coordinated fashion, too. However,  roof repairs or siding repairs that require painting will be done as needed by the home owners.

Is Merrivale West a Planned Development or Condo?


Many of the homes for sale offered within Merrivale West are advertised by the listing agents/ owners as Townhouses held in Condo Ownership. This is not accurate.  These properties are Townhouses (the architectural style) owned as Planned Developments (also known as Planned Unit Developments) or PUDs.

How can you tell whether it’s a condo or a PUD? You must read the Preliminary Title Report and the CCRs (Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions), which are part of the HOA documents in the seller’s disclosure package.

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Merrivale West Homes for Sale or recently sold

Below is a list of townhouses for sale in, pending, and closed over the last 6 months in Merrivale West. If there is no list populated, please use this link to view Merrivale West listings and sales.

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