Miramar Vineyards in San Martin sign - 700 pxRecently, my husband and I took a drive to San Martin to visit Miramar Vineyards. We hadn’t spent any time in San Martin in the past, but were generally aware that this South County community was located between Morgan Hill and Gilroy, so were interested in learning a bit more about the area, as well as enjoying some local wines at a place we hadn’t been to in the past.

It was a great choice!

Miramar was a hub of activity, apparently due to live music that was about to begin when we arrived. The folks there told me that they’d only been open two and one-half years so far, but you would not have known it from the crowd that day. The parking lot was nearly full and cars lined the road, too. Like finding a filled-to-the-brim restaurant with people waiting outside, we thought this might be a good sign.


buying wine and paying for wine tasting at Miramar


We didn’t wait long to get paid up so that we could do some tasting. The staff moved quickly, assisting customers who were there to buy wine or to pay for wine tasting. They reminded us that if we purchased a bottle of wine, one of the $10 tasting fees would be waived. 


Miramar Vineyards wine tasting (Custom)


There is no inside tasting available at Miramar Vineyards (or at least we did not see any while there), but there’s an abundant amount of patio seating and also a lawn area.


Beautiful patio area for wine and picnics


People of all ages were there, including families with babies and toddlers. Many guests had brought picnics or snacks to enjoy with their Miramar Vineyards wines. Since the crowd was significant, they had a pouring station away from the cashier’s area. Our hostess, Jill, could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable. She is a San Martin native and a great enthusiast about her work at Miramar and living in the South County.

Later, I did a little more research about this beautiful area, and found quite a lot of info on this community website, for those interested: http://www.sanmartinca.org/  I was curious as to whether or not it’s incorporated, and it’s not – but apparently that’s been a topic of discussion for decades, according to the site linked above.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff at Miramar


We both enjoyed our wine and would be happy to go back again. I have some strange allergy to red wine, so had a wonderful glass of Chardonnay, while Jim tried a little of the same plus four red wines. He liked them all, but the Chardonnay may have been his favorite.  The prices for tasting and buying wine both seemed very reasonable.

The live music was an extra bonus, but added to the upbeat atmosphere of the scenic winery.

Delicious wine, friendly people, plenty of space, beautiful setting. What more could you want? Go check out Miramar Vineyards some weekend soon and see for yourself.


Miramar thank you board for exiting patrons


If you’d like to visit Miramar Vineyards, or to learn more about their wines, please check out their website:


12255 New Ave, San Martin, CA 95046


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