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Homes for Sale in Monte SerenoMonte Sereno is an upscale, small city of about 4,000 residents. It shares police, parks, library and school services with neighboring Los Gatos and the residents of Monte Sereno tend to be very involved in the life of Los Gatos for that reason. In a sense, they are like sister cities living next door to each other.

Monte Sereno is not just a mini-me of Los Gatos, though.  Unlike its larger next door neighbor, there’s no industry in this city.  Aside from the post office and city offices, it’s 100% residential: there are no commercial buildings whatsoever. And it’s pricey! Houses tend to be a bit more expensive in MS, even though it has the same schools (a larger driver of home values in Silicon Valley) and zip codes with LG. There are a good number of estate properties and luxury homes too. Looking for an exclusive neighborhood? This will fill that bill – along with much of Los Gatos and Saratoga.

How’s the real estate market in Monte Sereno?

I update my readers via this blog and also via my Live in Los Gatos blog fairly often on various Silicon Valley communities, including Monte Sereno. Here are a couple of resources for keeping a pulse on the market trends and statistics in this neat little city:

Properties for Sale in Monte Sereno CA

The vast majority of residential real estate in Monte Sereno is single family homes (houses & duet homes), but there are a few townhouses in the city limits too (some townhouses are held in PUD ownership, others in condominium ownership). Also, most (99%) of Monte Sereno is in the 95030 zip code (tiniest of fractions in 95032) and in the Los Gatos School District (tiny fraction in Moreland schools).

At any given time there are usually fewer than 50 houses or homes for sale. Below are the listings currently on our MLS, beginning with those listed most recently. If you click through, you may also view the available properties via map – an easy way to get a lay of the land!

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The low-lying hilly areas of Saratoga is a highly regarded area in which to live for the convenience, natural beauty, rural feel, large parcels and houses, schools and vistas. The foothills offer spectacular views – some of the valley, others the mountains. Many of these prized locations are just a few minutes from town and most enjoy top rated schools (Saratoga and Cupertino) boasting some of the highest API scores in the state.

Purchasing hillside real estate is a little different than buying a house or land on the floor of Silicon Valley. With a little elevation, it’s important to consider natural hazards, soil conditions, drainage, clearance around the house for fire safety, and more. In remote locations, the property may not be serviced by the regular utility companies for water, power and sewer (but instead have wells, propane and septic). Private roads may also be part of the package if the property is quite elevated and secluded (more likely in the Santa Cruz Mountains rather than in the “blue hills” or nearby areas).

If you have never visited these parts of Saratoga, it’s well worth a Sunday drive! You might head out to Garrod’s for horseback riding or to Cooper-Garrod (or, of Highway 9, to Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards & Tasting) for some wine tasting. Or do what so many others do, and drop by a few “open houses” in the hills.

Meanwhile, though, you can browse high end Saratoga view homes for sale here!





San Jose’s Cambrian Park district is a west valley community which primarily consists of the 95124 zip code region and the 95118 zip area with a sliver of 95008 thrown in.  Cambrian was once a very broad area including part of what we now consider Campbell and Willow Glen.  The heart of it was “Cambrian Village”, which can be found at Camden and Union Avenues.

Want to buy a Cambrian house? The 95118 area is a little more affordable than the 95124 – you tend to get a bit more house for your money and/or a little newer house for the budget. (Please also see Cambrian Park Houses for Sale in 95124.)

Real Estate in San Jose: Cambrian Park Houses for Sale & Listed on the MLS

Below please find houses for sale in Cambrian Park, San Jose, 95118. Feel free to browse, click through, scan the map and enjoy the photos of these listed properties. No registration required!

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Saratoga, California is a scenic, small city with a fabulous downtown area known as Saratoga Village.  Once a logging town, Saratoga is now a Silicon Valley bedroom community.  It is known for expensive homes & luxury estates, fantastic schools that score highly in the nation, low crime, and scenic vistas.

Find Saratoga, CA, listings and homes for sale

What’s on the market now? Below please find all currently available houses that are listed on our local MLS. (They are in order of price from the luxury real estate listings to the most affordable cottages in town.)

Please note that there is a lot of variety within this community.  One of the big drivers of value is the school district, and here there are three of them!  The part closest to the Village falls under “Saratoga Schools”. The other districts are Moreland and Cupertino schools.  Of these, Saratoga & Cupertino rival each other for most expensive generally and the Moreland area is consistently much less expensive.
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Pink Rose Trimmed TinyCupertino was incorporated as a city only in 1955, long, long after the community had sprung up and had its own, distinct identity within Santa Clara County.

As a small village, Cupertino began at the intersection of Stevens Creek Road and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road (now DeAnza Blvd) and was originally known simply as “West Side”. Since that name was so generic and would be confused with other places bearing similar names, the post office opted to give it a more distinguishable name in 1898. Because there was a nearby Cupertino winery and Cupertino Creek that name was applied to the post office and nearby stores.

Historic note: the original full name of this waterway was Arroyo San Giuseppe da Cupertino – named after St. Joseph of Cupertino – by a Spanish padre by the name of Fr. Font who was the cartologist and diarist of De Anza, the explorer.  Cupertino Creek is now known as Stevens Creek, by the way.

Today, the city of Cupertino is very vibrant and offers fabulous restaurants and shops but is best known for high tech (Apple headquarters especially) and above all, its outstanding schools, which often rank at the top of the list. For this reason more than any other, Cupertino houses tend to “hold their value” better than most other areas.

How’s the Cupertino Real Estate Market?

I have written an article, Cupertino Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics, which has dynamic market statistics for Cupertino’s residential realty market (houses & duet homes.) Please have a read!

More links for buying, selling and living in Cupertino California:

Here are some links you might find especially helpful if you move to Cupertino. (Also please visit my relocation website, if moving here from out of the area!).


Description of Cupertino, a city renowned for its schools, climate, and proximity to Silicon Valley employment.
Cupertino profile from Marys other site,
Cupertino City Government Info.
Cupertino New Resident Information

Houses & Homes for Sale in Cupertino

Below please find houses & duet homes listed on our local MLS for sale in Cupertino.
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The Cambrian Park area is a suburban, largely residential district within the city of San Jose.  It is composed of the zip codes 95124 and 95118 plus a small bit of 95008. Cambrian has about 75,000 to 80,000 residents.

Cambrian is known for good schools, low crime and nice parks & shops. There’s no exciting downtown area but it’s close to Los Gatos, Campbell and Willow Glen. Some parts actually border Almaden Valley too.  The areas on the far west side of this region have beautiful hillside vistas.

While most of the homes & houses in Cambrian are ranch style tract homes built after World War II, there is variety, including some very old, historic homes and some very new ones.  Some properties near the original Cambrian Village area (at Union and Camden Avenues) are on large lots – many of those old houses are now being torn down and large, new homes are springing up in their place.

San Jose, 95124 is home to about 45,000 people.  Part of this zip code runs up into the foothills and very close by.  This area is served by either Cambrian Schools or Union Schools – both excellent! (95118 is mostly a part of San Jose Unified School District.)

Browse MLS listings of homes for sale in the 95124 part of Cambrian

Below please find listed houses for sale in San Jose, 95124.
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Campbell, California is a city in the “West Valley” of Santa Clara County. It was once a farming and orcharding area but is now a suburb of San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley community.  It enjoys a classic and vibrant old “downtown” area with restaurants, shops, plenty of coffee houses, pubs and places to hang out.  The city buildings are there too, and so is the beautiful and historic Ainsley House.

Browse listings of homes for sale in Campbell, California

Whether you are looking to purchase a small condo, a townhouse, a starter home or a large house or luxury home in Campbell, you can find it in this beloved city!  Below please find a list of properties currently listed as available on our MLS. This list will include all types of housings and sale types (regular sales, short sales and REOs or bank owned properties).

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(all data current as of 12/4/2020)

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