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Most Popular Blog ArticlesIt’s always interesting to see which articles are most popular among by readers (and also other data, such as where they are reading it from, which browsers are used, how long folks generally stay on the site, etc.).

I try to cover all of the communities in Santa Clara County here, so I find it especially curious that some communities are more searched that others.  City or area real estate market reports most searched or read include Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Cambrian, Campbell, and Willow Glen. (I was surprised not to see Los Gatos or Almaden on the list!)


Here is the “top 20” list of most popular articles on this site:

Expired, Canceled, Withdrawn Listings: What Happens If You Take Your Home off the Market?

Residential Wood Burning: What You Can and Cannot Do

What is the difference between a duplex and a duet home?

Cupertino Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics

When are property taxes due in Santa Clara County?

Why do real estate agents do a visual inspection of the properties they sell?

Sunnyvale real estate market trends

What Is A Default in a Real Estate Transaction or Contract?

What Is Cellulose Debris (in a pest or termite report)?

10 The Cambrian Park Real Estate Market Update

11 How does a multiple counter offer work?

12 Cambrian Park: Good Schools, Low Crime, Close to Los Gatos and Campbell

13 The FIRPTA Form Must Include the Social Security Number (or TIN)

14 Seller rent back after close of escrow: what do you need to know?

15 What is the difference between the CAR and PRDS purchase agreements? Does it matter which contract is used?

16 Updating the Campbell Real Estate Market

17 Milpitas real estate market

18 Willow Glen real estate market in San Jose

19 What is an “exclusion” in a real estate contract? What is an “inclusion”?

20 What Is A Plat Map, And What Can You Learn From It?

Which info do YOU find most interesting or relevant? I’d love to hear from you. (Since I got a lot of robo-spam comments, I had to disable the comments part of this site – it was 1000 bad to 1 real comment, unfortunately. If you want to provide feedback, please email me at mary (at) popehandy (dot) com. Thank you for reading!)





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