Fifty years or so ago, San Jose was still a very agricultural area. The Blossom Valley and Santa Teresa neighborhoods enjoyed great open spaces, farmland and orchards. Today that’s nearly all gone. But there is still a large, undeveloped area there at Branham Lane and Snell Avenue (the border area for these two districts of San Jose), not far from the Vistapark neighborhood or the Hayes Mansion area. I wonder what it will become as the valley continues to fill. Hopefully at least some of it will remain open.

Below are a couple of photos taken of this agricultural oasis last weekend, by my husband, Jim, with the mustard in full bloom. It’s a beautiful reminder of Silicon Valley’s past as “the Valley of Heart’s Delight“.

The first view is looking west to north-west:




Same area, but looking a little up and to the left – and you see part of a barn…




And from the other end of this field, a view the other way, looking east.



Even from a satellite view, you can tell that this is a huge amount of acreage! If you’ve never been out to the Santa Teresa or Blossom Valley areas of San Jose, I would suggest making this a part of your itinerary when you do go. It is truly refreshing to see so much open space, and it’s equally surprising to find it right on the valley floor. There’s plenty else to do once you’re out in this part of Silicon Valley. Continue on to the oldest part of San Jose, ironically called “New Almaden”. Or visit Santa Teresa County Park. Explore San Jose!


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