Photography for listings: keep it clean, make front door and windows visible, uncluttered

Photography for listings: keep it clean, make front door and windows visible, uncluttered

The concept of curb appeal has to do with how buyers respond to your house, townhouse or other home when seeing it.  Home owners often spruce up the yard, trim the hedges, power wash the exterior and repaint the front door to improve the curb appeal of their home.

Just as important, perhaps even more important, are the photographs of the front of the home for sale.  Today’s buyers do not get their first impression when the drive up to your place.  They get it when they view the pictures online.  If the images are either missing, poor, or focused on the wrong thing, you could lose the sale and never even know it.  As the adage goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression“.

With our Silicon Valley home prices, it makes sense for listing agents to hire professional photographers so that each property is well represented.  Sometimes even with photographers doing their best, a home won’t show as well online if the stage isn’t properly set (hoses out of sight, driveway empty – and inviting, colorful annuals if possible, etc.). You may have a bunch of good photos and need to decide which to showcase among them.  Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure that the front door can be seen, as much as possible, in the main image of the house
  • Do not make the driveway and garage the dominant items representing your home
  • As much as possible, shoot the photo with few distractions showing through (such as power lines, the neighbor’s RV etc.)
  • Have curtains open but windows shut for the photo shoot
  • The lawn should be green and recently cut
  • The hedges or bushes should not obstruct any of the windows

This is just a starter list.  For the best guidance, hire a great Realtor to assist you in setting the stage for selling at the highest possible price. If you’re in Silicon Valley, phone me for a confidential, no pressure, no obligation appointment today!

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