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Rinconada Hills is a gated community in Los Gatos which is located near the intersections of Quito Road and Pollard Road on the Saratoga and Campbell border. It was built in stages with five different sections over a 13 years  (between 1968 and 1981) by Brown & Kaufmann. I spent some time mapping out the general, non-exact boundaries of the association, which you can see on the right hand page of this article.

According to the Rinconada Hills HOA website, this west Los Gatos neighborhood enjoys 107 acres of land with 394 townhouses (see floorplans here) and 40 single family homes. The houses are mostly on the east side of the community, but there are some on the southern end (those few with very large lots).

There are approximately 1,000 residents, which is about 3% of the population of the town of Los Gatos. Living at Rinconada Hills, they have many amenities at hand, including one lake and three ponds 10 swimming pools, 1 spa, 3 tennis courts, a clubhouse for events, plus an RV lot and extra parking for additional vehicles. It is “luxury living” in many regards.

Rinconada Hills is a very beautiful community with winding roads, walking paths, lots of open space (both landscaped and natural), and scenic views in many places. Some properties sit up on a knoll and boast vistas of San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley. Others look north toward Saratoga and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Some are situated above or right on the lake or ponds, making for a rare ‘water view’ in Silicon Valley. 

What do homes in Rinconada Hills cost?

Because there are so many variables, there’s an extremely wide range of pricing within Rinconada Hills. In the last year, sale prices have started below $900,000 (lowest was $895,000) to $1.5 million. The most expensive real estate will of course be the single family homes which are nicely remodeled on large lots with views. The least pricey will be the smallest townhomes or villas in close to original condition with no view.

Homeowner Association Dues

One more thing to note is that because Rinconada Hills is so large and with so many features to support (private roads, parking, landscape, pools, tennis courts, plus of course all the staff), the dues are not low. This monthly cost is about $750 for most properties, though I have seen a few small ones under $500 and some more than $700, and larger single family homes could be more.

Public Schools

The public schools for Rinconada Hills are all within a mile of the community’s front gate:

Marshall Lane Elementary (API score 945, appx 1/2 mile from gate)

Rolling Hills Middle School (API score 919, across the street from the gate)

Westmont High School (API 796, about 6/10 mile from gate)

Additionally, there are quite a few private schools, both secular and religious, within just a few minutes’ drive of Rinconada Hills.

Rinconada Hills homes for sale

Disclaimer: to get this batch of listings, I needed to draw the community’s boundaries on a map.  I did my best to only get Rinconada Hills but it’s possible that some neighboring homes may show up.

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All Los Gatos and Monte Sereno homes for sale

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