Cambrian subdivisions Scottsdale 2 and Coronado

On the northeast side of the Cambrian district in San Jose, just west of the Robertville area, there’s a nice pocket which has the 95118 zip code but the Union School District (most of 95118 has San Jose Unified schools). In fact, it’s right next to the school district boundary, so homes just a little east of here will be in San Jose Unfied, with lower performing schools and lower prices. This is a very goodvalue area” for how much home you can buy with really nicely performing public schools!

Within this area there are a few really outstanding subdivisions.  Two of them are adjacent to each other and share many of the same amenities, such as walkability to the nearby Lunardi’s grocery store and other shops, so it’s helpful to view them together:  Scottsdale 2, which is in three sections on different sides of Meridian and Branham, and Coronado, which fits like a puzzle piece around one end of the Scottsdale 2 tract.

Scottsdale 2

Many, but not all, of the Scottsdale 2 houses have streets that begin with “Calle de”. With good sized rooms and comfortable floor plans, the Scottsdale 2 homes feel younger than they are. Built between 1973 and 1976, the 383 houses there average a comfortable 1807 square feet (range is 1426 to about 2500 with one other which is more than 3000 SF) with mixed single and double story floor plans.  The average lot size is around 6600 SF, but some are as small as 5500 SF and others larger than 10,000 SF.

Major plusses are the more open floorplans than are typically seen in Cambrian, good sized home and room, walkability, good public schools and something infrequently found in Cambrian: underground power lines.  It is so nice to not see wires everywhere!

Streets included:

Calle De Aida
Calle De Arroyo
Calle De Farrar
Calle De Gilda
Calle De Lucia
Calle De Stuarda
Calle De Tosca
Casa De Ponselle
Corte De Boleyn
Corte De Callas
Corte De Medea
Corte De Moffo
Corte De Pons
Corte De Tebaldi
Corte De Thais
Ilikai Ave
Tampico Way
Via De Caballe

What do homes cost in the Scottsdale 2 neighborhood?

Prices range tremendously, even for the same floorplan, based on exact location, lot size, remodeling, permits (or lack of them), and of course marketing. Photos are a home’s first “open house” and good photographs with good staging can make an enormous difference in the level of qualified buyer traffic and the ultimate sale price of the home. Smaller homes with small lots and needing remodeling will sell for the low million dollars, perhaps around $1.25 mil at the low end, but those which are bigger, highly remodeled (with permits and finals) and professionally marketed with professional photography will command a premium and sell for $1.7 million or more.


Scottsdale 2 subdivision


Here’s a closer view of one of the one story houses in Scottsdale 2.


Scottsdale 2 house



The Coronado area is slightly smaller of a subdivision.   It consists of 238 houses which were built in 1967 and 1968. The houses and lots are just a little bigger than the larger Scottsdale 2 subdivision.

The home sizes in the Coronado tract range from 1579 square feet to 2500 SF in most cases (a small handful are bigger) to and the average home is 1981 square feet & average lot size 7021 SF.

Streets included:

Durango Court
El Roble Court
La Paz Court
Las Cruces Court
Luning Drive
Portobello Drive
Puebla Court
Rio Verde Drive
Sutcliff Avenue
Tampico Way
Yucatan Way

What do homes cost in the Coronado neighborhood?

Prices are similar, but often a little lower than the Scottsdale 2 homes. most likely due to the proximity of the freeway and the older construction. The range of prices over the last six months runs from a little under $1,200,000 to $1,650,000.

Home prices are trending upward (despite what you may hear about the market in general). Cambrian with good schools is a hot ticket item!

Are there any special concerns for Scottsdale 2 and Coronado?

This is really a fantastic area with generally younger homes by Cambrian standards, strong schools, and a lot of house for $800,000 to $1,250,000.  Additionally, it’s pretty walkable with a drug store and grocery store right at the intersection of Branham and Meridian plus restaurants and other shops. What’s the catch?

I’d say that there is no catch, but every area has some issue or issues. Part of the Coronado area backs up to Highway 85. That said, the freeway is below grade and I found it surprisingly quiet when I visited there recently. So don’t assume it’s terrible – go check it out!

Because of the vintage of these houses, many will have “popcorn ceilings.” This is not a hard thing to remedy and is not as costly as most home buyers seem to think. It’s just important to do it before moving in.

Many years ago, homes in Scottsale 2 often had roofs littered with metal shims inserted between the wood shake shingles. It appeared to me, even before I was a Realtor, that the initial roofs were not doing so well. Today it seems that most of these have been replaced with tile, composition shingle, metal or other roofs. Once in awhile you’ll still see a wood shake roof with bunches of little rectangular shims, though. It’s not the best look, but fortunately today it is no longer a common sight.

In these two subdivisions, the electrical panels are sometimes made by Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric. It may cost a couple or more thousand dollars to replace them, but many inspectors think that’s a worthwhile upgrade. Some home owners have already done this (I have also found Square D panels in the neighborhood, and I’m not sure if that’s original or a replacement).

Also, natural hazard zones are found throughout Silicon Valley. While there are no mountains in this area, where you find creeks you’ll often find liquefaction zones and Ross Creek does run behind some of the homes in Calle de Stuarda in Scottsdale 2 so do check your natural hazard report or look at this online natural hazard awareness map to see a property’s relationship to a liquefaction zone:  (As far as I  know, the entire valley is in an area of high shaking for earthquakes.)

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