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Selling a home in San Jose's Almaden ValleyDo you want to sell your Almaden Valley home? This lovely corner of San Jose has become increasingly popular in recent years.

To maximize the marketing and sale of your property, it is very helpful to understand the motivation of people who are house-hunting in San Jose, 95120, and also to understand their concerns.

The positive aspects of living in Almaden are abundant. Many Silicon Valley home buyers to find the right balance of good schools, scenic neighborhoods, well kept homes, real estate pricing, and open space & trails in this southwestern part of San Jose.  Browse listings of San Jose 95120 homes for sale here (link to a page on this blog).

The concerns vary from one buyer to the next, but may include the following (many related to schools):

  • commute distance (especially in the southern part of the valley)
  • mercury in the soil from the Almaden and Guadalupe quicksilver mines
  • proximity of high voltage power lines in the more northern part of the area
  • the lower scores at Castillero Middle School (as compared to the elmentary schools which are feeders to it) or Pioneer High School
  • school boundaries between the Pioneer and Leland area – will they move as more development takes place in southern Almaden Valley?
  • For the part of Almaden with Los Gatos schools, will the drive be too far, and will there be enough kids in the neighborhood in those same schools?
  • For the neighborhoods in the Campbell Union High School District, will Leigh High remain an option into the future or will Branham become mandatory at some point?
  • Most of Almaden is in the San Jose Unified School District , which had mandatory busing in the past, and not so long ago – will it happen in the future?
  • for some, that there could be too much pressure at the highest scoring Almaden public schools
  • fire danger near the hills
  • wildlife near creeks it may attract (and in other cases, fears around mercury coming to their property in the stream or with the rains)
  • near creeks: wildlife attracted by the water as well as mercury coming down from the hills (one buyer worried about eating vegetables or fruits grown on land near creeks)

And we haven’t yet broached the issues around purchasing older homes, which is what most of the listing inventory is!

Many, perhaps most, of these buyer worries can be addressed with better education.  High voltage power lines, for instance, tend to be a big concern for most home buyers.  But when the EMFs are actually measured, buyers may be very surprised to learn that the measurement in front of a microwave oven in use or a handheld mobile phone makes the power lines look less scary.  The solution?  It’s simple: provide the scores upfront so that buyers can learn the facts.

Fire danger concerns?  We are in an extremely dry year now, but perhaps providing the statistics on fire safety in Almaden would underscore that historically it has not been an issue.

Commute issues may remain a problem for some home buyers, but today there are some great alternatives for getting to work.  Learn where the Apple and Google bus stops are – your high tech home buyer may be shocked and delighted to be  just a bike ride away from an easy commute!

When you prepare to sell your home, there’s a lot of work to do physically with the packing up, the decluttering, the fixes and the staging.   A little “mental work” into the mind of your most likely buyer will be a huge help in guiding the information that can be provided to buyers.  Not every buyer will want your property (or be able to afford it).  But if that one right buyer comes along, you want your marketing to make it easier for him or her to find your home and want to take the next step toward buying it.  Providing the correctly targeted information upfront can cause buyers to feel more confident, and when they are more confident, they are willing to pay more!

Want to sell your Almaden Valley home for top dollar?  Please reach out to me with a call or email.  I’m a local Realtor active in San Jose, Los Gatos and nearby since 1993.  It would be my pleasure to meet with you, see your home and discuss your home selling plans.  And at that meeting, I will very happily give you a copy of my book on home selling in the Silicon Valley as a thank you for taking the time to talk with me.





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