East San Jose (SJ)

Alum Rock Park in San Jose's East Valley area - Jan 2022East San Jose is an extremely diverse region in Santa Clara County.

Where is East San Jose?

East San Jose, sometimes called the East Valley or just “Eastside”, is a large region encompassing most of the eastern foothills of the Santa Clara Valley which are north of Morgan Hill.

East San Jose sits just south of the Berryessa area of San Jose and includes Alum Rock Park and Evergreen. Please check out our Evergreen article and info on The Ranch and The Villages, too.

Alum Rock Park is situated close to the gorgeous park bearing its name. You can read a little more about it on our oldest site, popehandy.com.

Home prices in the East Valley

Home prices run the gamut in the East Valley.

Some residential units are small and shabby. Others are palatial, younger, and include amazing views.

Generally. Alum Rock is one of the he least expensive neighborhoods in the city. (Of course, nothing is cheap. A typical house there will run more than $1 million.) Silver Creek and nearby parts of Evergreen are luxury properties.

The district ranking in the image below was compiled July 2023. For the latest version of this lineup (updated approximately every 6 months), please visit our other site, Move2SiliconValley.com where we have published the article on San Jose Districts and their Values.


San Jose house prices by district in July 2023


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