The Sunnyvale real estate market, remains an incredibly hot seller’s market.

Sunnyvale real estate market trends and stats at a glance

Here is a quick rundown of the trends at a glance for the Sunnyvale real estate market, with more in the charts below:

  • The average sale price of Sunnyvale homes rose double digits monthly and annually
  • The median sale price was also up monthly and annually
  • Inventory rose from last month and from last year – badly needed!
  • Pending sales are up monthly but down annually
  • The sale to list price hit the almost unreal mark of 117.5% in April!

PLEASE visit our ReReport page for data here, throughout Santa Clara County, and also for San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties.

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Trends At a GlanceApr 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$2,731,470 (+13.8%)$2,400,000$2,228,080 (+22.6%)
Average Price$2,650,120 (+8.8%)$2,436,140$2,243,940 (+18.1%)
No. of Sales44 (+33.3%)3342 (+4.8%)
Pending43 (+30.3%)3346 (-6.5%)
Active24 (+50.0%)1620 (+20.0%)
Sale vs. List Price117.5% (+3.0%)114.0%108.3% (+8.4%)
Days on Market10 (-27.9%)14(+12.0%)
Days of Inventory16 (+8.7%)1514 (+14.5%)


You may also want to see how Sunnyvale stacks up to other communities in Santa Clara County. If so, click to see the PDF Real Estate Report for Santa Clara County, updated monthly.

Altos Research Data

Next up, the live data from Altos Research, updated weekly (uses LIST prices, not sale prices FYI)


Sunnyvale SFH Real-Time Market Profile


Want more info on the weekly trends and stats? You can view Altos data and analysis on Sunnyvale as a whole OR by zip code.

The Sunnyvale real estate market for condos and townhomes

The Sunnyvale real estate market for condominiums and townhouses is a strong seller’s market, too, with properties selling more than 12% over list price on average.

The closed sales (as seen on the Sunnyvale RE Report for condos and townhomes) show that properties are often selling well over list price on average and that properties are selling quickly. We saw a big jump in inventory in April, which is badly needed. Home prices appear to be lower than the month before. That may be the case, or it could simply be that in March large, newer townhomes were selling and in April smaller condos were selling. We’d have to look at it on a case by case basis to know for sure.


Sunnyvale Condo & Townhouse Housing Market Trends at a Glance

Trends At a GlanceApr 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,386,500 (-10.5%)$1,550,000$1,040,000 (+33.3%)
Average Price$1,320,400 (-5.9%)$1,403,380$1,148,090 (+15.0%)
No. of Sales30 (+15.4%)2613 (+130.8%)
Pending22 (-24.1%)2922 (0.0%)
Active20 (+185.7%)713 (+53.8%)
Sale vs. List Price112.3% (+0.2%)112.0%101.2% (+11.0%)
Days on Market18 (+15.2%)1527 (-34.2%)
Days of Inventory19 (+139.4%)829 (-33.3%)

Altos data for condos and townhomes

And finally, the live Altos Research info (updated automatically each week – using list prices, not sold prices)


Sunnyvale Condo and Townhouse Real-Time Market Profile

In the most recent update, condos are in a strong sellers market with clear declines in market action and a slight increase in active inventory.

Use this link to see the Altos weekly report for condos and townhomes in the City of Sunnyvale, or navigate to your preferred zip code there or anywhere in the region. Like the info? Sign up to get it in your email box each week.

Sunnyvale, like the rest of Santa Clara County, has its own micro markets. The areas by 237 and 101 will be a different home selling or buying experience than those west of El Camino Real or along the Los Altos border. Want to buy or sell in Sunnyvale? Please call or email me to set up a time to meet or talk by phone (no obligation, no pressure – I dislike pushy people as much as you do).

Do you find this kind of info useful? If so, I’d love to hear from you – my email address is Please tell your friends, especially if they are interested in buying or selling residential property here!


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