What do real estate agents think you want to know about them? Possibly nothing at all!

Who are you?The way that Realtors and other real estate licensees market themselves may impact the way the home buying and selling public view them – or even which questions to ask during an interview.  Ten or twenty years ago, realty professionals did a lot of “me, me, me” marketing.  We were told to have career books to show to prospective clients so they’d understand our value and what makes us unique in the sea of competition.  A lot of print advertising is still very much that way, as in “look what I sold”.  Online, though, and in person, the trend is to turn away from agent-centric marketing.

We in the business are told that consumers don’t care about us, they only care about themselves, and to tailor our messages accordingly.  “Don’t make it about you!  Make it about your potential clients!”  So many salespeople have little or no information about them, their experience, background, awards, etc. findable on the web or in the material they bring along when first meeting prospective clients.

To me, this is a very weird (but common) state. Why would a consumer want to hire someone to assist with an enormous financial decision, the contract, the marketing (if selling), the labyrinth of disclosures and inspections without a sense of who this person is or how qualified he or she might be?  Who does this “make it all about them” marketing approach serve? In my view, it helps the new, inexperienced or not so successful agent to appear to be even with those who are much better skilled and better respected in their industry. (more…)