Shoes off? Shoe covers on? Or some other way to keep floors and feet clean?

Entry HallWhen it’s raining outside, most of the time, home buyers will voluntarily remove their shoes.  Many listing agents provide slip on shoe covers and request that shoes be removed or that these covers be used.  There’s some controversy with that approach, though, since many times the booties or shoe covers are slippery – risking a fall and injury.  Some are non-skid designs, but not all are.

Worse, sometimes real estate agents and their clients are asked to use covers which have been used too many times – and are gross!  It is not terribly uncommon to find that the carpeting that folks are expected to walk on isn’t all that clean – so going barefoot or in socks isn’t a happy prospect.

One solution is to bring your own non-skid shoe covers. They are certainly affordable enough to keep some in the trunk of the car.

Another, option, though – at least for women – are foldable shoes that can be placed in a purse or pocket.  These “indoor” slippers will be clean and avoid the problem of carrying in dirt from outdoors. Several of my friends are now doing this and it makes sense.  A quick peek at Amazon reveals a quite a few makers ballet slipper styles to thong sandals.

Needed next: equally good options for men!