Landscaping to attract butterflies in Silicon Valley

Butterfly GardensWhen improving yards for livability and enjoyment, one consideration may be attracting the desired types of birds and wildlife. How would you go about trying to lure more butterflies to your yard?  I found a couple of good articles online that I’d like to share with my readers today on this topic:

Plants for a California or Western Butterfly Garden – this is an extremely comprehensive resource with a lengthy list of which plants suit butterflies of varying types in their different stages of life.  Many links in each category provide further information. – Fabulous, intuitive to use site including a section for regions or areas and which butterflies are found there. I had never heard of a butterfly feeder before finding this website. Great information!

California Native Plant Society – Butterfly habitat gardening – more great info and links on the basics of butterfly gardening.

Do you have more local resources for San Jose area or Santa Clara County residents? I welcome the feedback to resources in the area, whether public gardens, nurseries or parks.