Silicon Valley Real Estate Counter Offers: What to Expect

Counter offersSilicon Valley home buyers sit on pins & needles once they have written their contract to purchase property.  They wait and wonder and may have trouble sleeping while they expect a response. This is normal, of course. It’s hard to wait.

What happens after the Silicon Valley real estate contract is signed?

Sometimes, offers are presented in person by your buyer’s agent directly to the listing agent and sellers and there may be a nearly immediate response, or at least something soon after – within a few hours.  More often, though, now offers are presented by email to the listing agent, who in turn gets it to the seller either at a personal meeting or also by email.  Most of the time there is a counter offer, but sometimes there was enough communication ahead of time between the agents that in fact an offer is written in an acceptable fashion and is simply accepted by the sellers without any counter (or there were multiple offers and one was good enough to accept without a counter).

Some real estate trainers insist that every offer should get a counter offer – sellers should never simply accept the contract presented by the buyers

Some real estate trainers (who are teaching Silicon Valley real estate agents what to do) insist that every offer should always be countered so that buyers do not later worry that they overpaid. “Make them work for it” so they don’t have buyer’s remorse is the theory.  The bigger the fear of “buyer’s remorse”, the more likely that the agent will further negotiate the offer – at least a little. (more…)