Pricing the Unique Home & Land

Sometimes it’s not too hard to find the likely market value of a property: it might be a San Jose tract home where several similar homes, in similar conditions, on similar lot sizes, has sold recently.  Or, if not such a cookie-cutter property, it could be a “typical” type of house for a given part of Silicon Valley – a typical Cambrian area 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, for instance.

But sometimes, you have residential real estate that really is not too similar to others nearby.  It may have been custom built or remodeled to an extreme.  It might have an exceptional location or view.  Or perhaps it’s in a region where there is very low turnover, so no recent sales.

Estimating the probable buyer’s value with a unique home for sale in Silicon Valley is tricky but not impossible.  There may be no “good comps” within a mile, but there are homes that fill similar needs and that’s where you look.  We must put ourselves into the buyer’s shoes as much as possible. (more…)