Comparing Areas and Deomgraphics By Zip Code

For home buyers trying to decide where to purchase a house, condominium or townhouse, there may be many factors to weigh, including the commute time, architectural charm, quality of the schools, crime, age of homes and many other things.

Often we Realtors cannot discuss demographics much for fear of stumbling and saying something that could be a Fair Housing Violation.  We can, however, guide you to some online tools so you can learn whatever you want to learn about an area.

Demographic info by zip code at ZipSkinny.comOne of my favorite sites for this is Zip Skinny – it enables you to compare and contrast quite a few zip codes against each other with some interesting aspects covered such as housing density, education of the residents etc. Have a look!




Buying Silicon Valley Real Estate? Understand That There Are Some Things Your Real Estate Agent Cannot Discuss!

Did you know that there are some things which your Realtor or real estate licensee/salesperson is prohibited from discussing with you? This is a surprise to many Silicon Valley home buyers.

Fair Housing Laws prevent real estate professionals from telling consumers certain types of information, particularly demographic information, anywhere in the United States. For instance, your agent cannot discuss with you these things:

  • where racial groups have the highest concentration
  • where people are found by religious affiliation
  • where certain languages are spoken or not spoken
  • whether or not there are halfway houses for alcoholics or other addicts nearby
  • if neighbors are mentally ill
  • whether someone died of AID or HIV (not the death, but cause of death)