The overly easy answers will easily lead you astray: please beware this misleading real estate tactic

Beware!Buying and selling homes in Silicon Valley can be downright daunting.  Perhaps you have heard this line: “the confused mind says no”.  It’s true. When consumers feel overwhelmed, it tends to freeze them in their tracks.

One approach that some real estate salespeople use to gain control and get themselves hired as a listing agent or buyers’ agent is to oversimplify complex situations such that they feel manageable and doable. If that real estate agent makes things look less complex, it removes some worry and builds trust, and thus the consumer elects to hire that Realtor or other licensee.

The trouble is that too often, the overly easy answer is not really a true picture of the buying or selling situation.  It is simply a convenient one which gets the agent what she or he wants – the job.

How do you know if what you’re hearing is a dangerous oversimplification?  Often, it’s when all choices or decisions are boiled down to just one issue.  For example, you might, as a home seller, hear that “The only thing that matters is….” followed by any number of single choices:  price, marketing, negotiation ability, staging.

I see home owners fall for this too often.  The thing is this – if that agent convinces you that only one of these items matter, than all of the rest can be discounted, played down, and ignored. (more…)