What is your negotiation style? What’s your agent’s approach to negotiation?

Negotiating styleAs world travelers know, there are many ways to approach negotiation, and different “rules of engagement” too. Things can go awry over the smallest or biggest things.   Sometimes conflicts arise because the home buyers or sellers and their agent(s) have different ideas about the right or wrong way to engage in negotiations.   Some of it may be cultural, some of it may be professional training or personal choice.  But unless you discuss it with your Silicon Valley Realtor, this could become an unintended area of conflict, stress and upset.

Win Win or Win Lose?

Many Silicon Valley Realtors believe in a “win win” negotiation style, meaning that they want everyone to be happy in the end. Why is this the case?  Why should they care if everyone is happy – why not only their own clients?  There are a lot of reasons, but here’s a big one:  happy home buyers and sellers do not sue each other.  It’s one thing to buy or sell and close the deal, it’s another to make sure that the post-sale experience does not go into a meltdown.  That’s when things get both very interesting and very expensive.  (To say nothing of the fact that mail won’t be forwarded, help won’t be forthcoming with quirks of the home after settlement if you end your purchase or sale on a sour note.) (more…)