Got dogs? Buying a home may be much easier than renting one.

Dog in Los GatosGot a dog? Many Los Gatos residents do – which is ironic when you consider that the town is named for cats (Los Gatos = The Cats).  The household pooch can, for many, make a house a home.  But if you’re a renter in Los Gatos or anywhere in Silicon Valley, it can also make it a challenge to find a place to live.

Why the fuss about dogs?

Landlords always worry that tenants will destroy their property, causing the need for loads of repairs later.  Having either smokers or pets increases the risk of property damage.  Additionally, dogs tend to be noisy, most with barking at strangers but some howling, too.   For townhouse or condo residents, this is cause for complaint from neighbors and the HOA.

Of course, not all canine situations are the same.  If you own a small, quiet dog, it will be much different than if you have a pair of Great Dane or Beagle puppies.  Some places may have restrictions on the animal’s weight, others on the breed (with certain types of dogs such as pit bulls, rottweilers or dobermans prohibited).

Cats are a little easier, in part because they’re smaller, quieter, don’t need to be let out to relieve themselves, and often can inhabit a property with little annoyance to those nearby.  But some felines spray, scratch curtains and can be destructive, so while the restrictions on dogs are pretty common, there’s often a bit more flexibility with cats, but it’s far from absolutely easy to rent with cats.

The Humane Society has tips for pet owners who are looking for a rental.  Great advice here:

Right now, the Silicon Valley housing market is very tight, with limited supply of inventory both to rent and to purchase.  For people with multiple pets especially, though, it may be easier to buy a home than rent one (if the down payment is available) since landlords can have all sorts of animal restrictions, and if you are able to rent with them, the cost will undoubtedly be higher each month.    When buying, many prospective purchasers include personal letters and sometimes photos.  A friendly looking pooch may be a help in your securing that next home, too.