What does “et ux” mean in the preliminary title report?

Et uxOne day you find yourself reading a preliminary title report or other document, such as a deed, relating to a house or other property that you want to buy or sell.  You are understanding most everything and feeling fine until suddenly “et ux” shows up after a name, like George Jone et ux.  What is that, Greek, Latin, ancient English?  A typo, maybe? And what is it doing in your real estate related paperwork?

As it turns out, I did study Latin at Saratoga High School back in the 70s, and I even remember some of it.

Et ux is short for “Et uxor”, or “and wife”.

Today we would normally see people named “Joe Schmoe and Mary Smith Schmoe”, or some other variation with both names provided rather than “Joe Schmoe and wife” (a name plus a role).

Does it ever go the other way?  Not so much, but if you want to turn the tables, the phrase is “et vir” for “and husband”.