Lies that sellers want to believe

Lies that sellers want to believe - brightly colored row houses - your paint colors are idealThis week I got a postcard from another real estate agent wanting to list homes in my neighborhood. It featured lies that sellers want to believe.  Often what sellers want to hear is not what they need to hear to make well informed decisions that will benefit them the most in the long run.

Most common types of lies that sellers want to believe

PRICE – Lies that sellers want to believe can relate to the probable buyer’s value of the property. If you interview a few agents and all of them but one tell you that the house is likely to sell for $1 million, but one agent says it’s worth $1,150,000, that agent may be telling you an inflated value in the hopes of “buying the listing”. Will the home sell for more because it is listed high? That’s not how it works.

The importance of pricing your Silicon Valley home competitively cannot be overemphasized. If you do everything else right but get the pricing wrong, the odds are strongly against getting the highest price possible.

CONDITION – Other lies that sellers want to hear may involve the pre-sale prep work. “You don’t have to change your home at all – you can still get top dollar” is usually not true unless the home is a tear down, and it is counter productive if you want to net the most from your home sale. You can, of course, sell a home in any condition, but buyers pay more when the home shows better. (more…)