Los Gatos Mountains 95033 Real Estate Market

Damp road in a redwood forest similar to those in the Los Gatos MountainsThe real estate market in the Los Gatos Mountains is very different from the “in town” Los Gatos housing market and really deserves its own separate treatment. The mountain area includes areas both in Santa Clara County and also Santa Cruz County, but the data here will reflect only the area within Santa Clara County. Both sides may have a Los Gatos mailing address with the 95033 zip code.

The Real Estate Report for the Los Gatos Mountains is updated each month with the RE Report info, but the Altos Research live chart automatically updates weekly, so please stop by often to get updated information.

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Trends at a Glance: Los Gatos Mountains 95033

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Home prices are soft and market conditions are generally soft in the mountains right now. But just 6 sales is not really a reliable amount of data to know if home prices are really falling.

Trends At a GlanceJan 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,112,940 (-0.6%)$1,120,000$1,986,000 (-44.0%)
Average Price$1,096,810 (-8.3%)$1,196,390$1,986,000 (-44.8%)
No. of Sales(-33.3%)9(+200.0%)
Active19 (-9.5%)2116 (+18.8%)
Sale vs. List Price97.0% (+0.3%)96.8%93.0% (+4.4%)
Days on Market72 (+12.0%)65115 (-37.1%)
Days of Inventory95 (+35.7%)70240 (-60.4%)


And the month prior:


Trends At a GlanceDec 2023Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$1,120,000 (-13.8%)$1,300,000$1,700,000 (-34.1%)
Average Price$1,196,390 (-19.5%)$1,486,000$1,872,000 (-36.1%)
No. of Sales(-18.2%)11(+80.0%)
Pending11 (+10.0%)10(+266.7%)
Active21 (-48.8%)4118 (+16.7%)
Sale vs. List Price96.8% (-1.1%)97.8%95.9% (+1.0%)
Days on Market65 (+37.4%)4752 (+23.2%)
Days of Inventory70 (-35.2%)108108 (-35.2%)



95033 Real Estate Market – Los Gatos Mountains

Each week, my subscription to the Altos Research Report for the Los Gatos Mountains is automatically updated. Click on the link to view it, or subscribe if you’d like an update emailed to you regularly. You can also click on the link to check other nearby zip codes. Some of 95120 or 95032 can be in the rural areas, too, so check a zip code map in case the area that interests you is closer to Mt Umunhum, over Saratoga, or some other location.

As of the most recent Altos update this market is a mild seller’s market.


The mountain communities are many and diverse, so issues in one area, such as too much inventory or not enough listings, may be the opposite somewhere else.


Los Gatos Real Estate Market Trends

Los Gatos real estate market graphic with home near downtownAs of today, February 12, 2024, the Los Gatos real estate market in 95030 & 95032 remains fairly strong, but the closed sales in January were cooler than it was a few months ago. Homes coming onto the market now that are in good shape, don’t have location issues, and are priced well are selling fast – within 2 weeks.

Across the county, first time home buyers are the most active and more entry level prices is the strongest segment.

Los Gatos real estate market statistics for the last 30 days (not a calendar month)

Numbers for today (pulled from the MLS), going back to January 12 (1 month ago):

  • 14 houses for sale today (Feb 12, 2024) (1 has a Los Gatos mailing address, not actually in the town)
  • 2 are contingent, 8 are sale pending (no contingencies) – same as last month
  • 5 have closed in the last 30 days (1 of them has a LG mailing address, isn’t actually in town)
    • average home size 1,924 SF
    • average lot size 12,877 SF
    • average days on market = 58
    • average sale price  $2,645,000
    • median sale price $2,520,000
    • average sale to list price ratio 101%

The sales since mid-February are smaller, more modest homes and don’t reflect the wider price points that we normally see in town.

Trends at a Glance from the RE Report for Los Gatos 95030 & 95032

The numbers below analyze data gathered during the first week of each month and cover real estate statistics from the month prior in Los Gatos 95030 & 95032 (all areas / school districts), or MLS “area 16”. See the full RE Report here.

These numbers never line up exactly with the MLS figures, but the data trends line up.  The market was a little cooler in January, but the average home price rose both annually and monthly just the same.

Trends At a GlanceJan 2024Previous MonthYear-over-Year
Median Price$3,510,400 (+15.3%)$3,044,500$3,560,000 (-1.4%)
Average Price$3,558,130 (+17.6%)$3,024,940$3,388,160 (+5.0%)
No. of Sales(-62.5%)1616 (-62.5%)
Pending17 (+88.9%)9(+183.3%)
Active24 (+9.1%)2228 (-14.3%)
Sale vs. List Price104.6% (+6.0%)98.7%100.4% (+4.2%)
Days on Market34 (-13.4%)3963 (-46.7%)
Days of Inventory120 (+190.9%)4153 (+128.6%)



Further below you’ll find similar charts for houses in the Los Gatos Mountains and also condos and townhomes “in town”.

Los Gatos real estate market statistics: multi year data by month

Here is some Los Gatos real estate market data that I pulled directly from the MLS today.

Inventory of available homes for sale in Los Gatos 95030 and Los Gatos 95032

A quick glance at the last few years suggests that this inventory remains low, though better than the previous two years.


Inventory of homes for sale in Los Gatos 95030 and 95032, MLS Area 16



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