The Los Gatos Real Estate Market by Zip Code, School District and Price Point

moi-explained-by-Mary-Pope-HandyPlease see the info for the UPDATED housing market statistics in Los Gatos on the Live in Los Gatos blog:   Los Gatos real estate market trends by price point and high school district
The Los Gatos real estate market has been a ” seller’s market” for more than 2 years now, but how much it’s a seller’s market entirely depends on which part of the Los Gatos market you’re discussing.

This post on the Live in Los Gatos blog will cover:

  • single family homes (99% houses, but a few duet homes)
  • 95030 and 95032 zip codes
  • Two high school districts:
    • Los Gatos Saratoga High School District (meaning Los Gatos High School)
    • Campbell Union High School District (meaning Westmont or Leigh High Schools)
  • varying price points in all of the above

General comments:
Most of 95030 is in the Los Gatos Saratoga High School District, but there is a very, very tiny portion of it which belongs to the Campbell Union High School District.  The percentage is so small as to be statistically insignificant, but I wanted to mention it here for the sake of accuracy and I will include it below.  The numbers below are from our MLS provider,, with the numbers crunched by me, Mary Pope-Handy.  While I have made every effort to be 100% accurate, I do not guarantee it (don’t sure me if there’s a typo or other error!).


The Los Gatos real estate market has many nuances in addition to factors such as schools and zip code.  We could dissect the market by any number of factors, from the distressed properties (which do sell for less) to those which views, acreage, historic homes, etc.  When you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Los Gatos, do not simply accept the overview of the town as necessarily relevant to your particular situation.  It is imperative to get the data on your part of the market and to understand what that data actually means.  From the study at the Live in Los Gatos blog, you can see that part of the Los Gatos real estate market is a strong seller’s market and others have a much longer supply of inventory  (buyer’s market).  Not understanding where in the spread your home or desired home sits could literally cost you dearly as you miss-position your home or your offer relative to the market conditions.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a Los Gatos house, townhome or condo, please call me.  If we work together to market your home or purchase a home, I will do my best to assist you in getting the clearest possible picture of the particular segment of the market that relates to you and your situation.

Read the article here:
Los Gatos real estate market trends by price point and high school district