Avoid earth to wood contact

Earth to Wood Contact wood losesWhether you’re looking to buy your next home or a home owner now, it’s imperative to understand how bad moisture is for wood.  So many people assume that the worst thing that can happen to a house is termites, but most of the time, it’s water – and whatever brings water to the house, fence, deck, wooden retaining wall, mailbox post, etc.

This conduit for water includes soil   Earth touching wood will conduct water up to the wood, like a wick.

Often the earth to wood contact problems come in improperly installed or maintained fences, in which the posts should be put into a concrete base.  Have a look at the image on the right – the moisture from the ground has come up to the fence, damaging the wood and likely rotting it too.

Most properties in Silicon Valley have an abundance of wood elements.  It’s smart to check them periodically to make sure that they aren’t directly touching soil.  By keeping them apart, you’ll help to extend the life of that component.