Koko, the Silicon Valley Gorilla, plans a move to Maui

Who could blame her for wanting to relocate to a warmer climate that’s more like her own natural terrain?  Koko, the amazing and famed Gorilla who resides in the hills over Menlo Park, together with her partner Ndume, have a 70 acre preserve being prepared for them and for the great gorilla study in Maui (the Maui Ape Preserve).

Even though the public cannot visit Koko and Ndume (talk about your “gated community”!), it’s been nice to know that they are around and that wonderful work with inter species communication is going on.  Once our economy recovers from this great recession, the Gorilla Foundation hopes to finish obtaining the funds to make the move possible for these beautiful animals and the work of the foundation.

There are many ways to help (donating of course, but not exclusively that way!) If you’d like to help, please check out the foundation’s website at Koko.org, or use this direct link: