Home sellers, please review the multiple listing description of your property: errors are not uncommon!

Review the MLSFrequently the multiple listing service has typos and errors regarding homes for sale (and poor or missing photos too).  I have to wonder if sellers even look at the comments, description or photographs online at all – because I am sure that if they did, most of the mistakes would be caught and the marketing would improve significantly.

Just now, I saw in one description that a house features “walking closets”.  Let’s hope not – that’s the stuff of nightmares.  It also claimed that the kitchen is “specious” (which means misleadingly attractive) rather than spacious.  The same real estate agent also misspelled the name of the Silicon Valley subdivision.

When I put a listing on the MLS for my seller clients, I always ask them to check for errors (or misspellings etc.) since they know their home better than I do.  I do not want to represent that fireplaces are served by gas jets if they aren’t, or omit them if they are, as just one example.  Even our most diligent notes can sometimes miss a detail.  Accuracy is important both so that buyers and their agents understand the property well but also so that the home’s features aren’t accidentally left out.   So home sellers: always ask to see the MLS printout on your property.  Do not ask only for the standard consumer version, but request the “agent full” version so that you can also check the private comments aimed at Realtors and other salespeople.