Preparing to buy your first home in Silicon Valley

Preparing to buy your first home - couple looking at computer at their dining room tableIf you’re mulling around a home purchase, it’s a good idea to formulate a plan. Preparing to buy your first home will take some time, even before you see any homes. Just thinking about it can be a little overwhelming!

In this article we’ll share tips for folks interested in buying how to get started:

  • video discussion of the first three steps
    • online research (various areas of interest to you)
    • talk to folks you know who have recently purchased about their experience so that you can learn what to anticipate
    • talk with a Realtor (or a few of them) and learn how they work
  • a list of things to consider researching when considering home buying
  • a list of other resources at the end

Preparing to buy your first home: 3 steps


When preparing to buy your home, slow down, make a plan, do some research online, talk with recent home buyers, and then speak with a Realtor (or two or three).

Once you select a Realtor, he or she can help you to create a path forward. Often they’ll ask you about setting priorities (and as much as possible, for you to rank them), your budget, your tolerance for doing repairs, your desired timing, and a few other things.

The folks who get into the most trouble with a real estate purchase are those who do it spontaneously.

What kind of research should be done when preparing to buy a home?

There are many areas you’ll want to investigate:


Handling the Jitters When Homebuying in San Jose

Home buying jittersSomething you can count on, when buying a home, is that you will be nervous – at times you will feel very stressed, perhaps even sleepless.  It is an immense move, to buy a home, and a big commitment. In terms of stress, it’s right up there with a new job, marriage, divorce and even death.

Right now, with the insanity of a very red hot seller’s market and steep appreciation in Silicon Valley generally, and most of San Jose, it’s even tougher.

What can you do to keep the jitters from getting the best of you? Here are three points to follow

First of all, have a plan (and prioritize). If you have carefully thought out what you want and can afford, then if you actually find it and get into contract, you’re far less likely to be upset!  If you stumble into a home that’s open, fall in love and make a purely emotional decision to write an offer, you’re far more likely to freak out! Make sure that your plan includes doing your financing decisions before you ever go house-hunting.