Hiring an Agent to Help You Sell or Buy a Home in Silicon Valley

I’m a Realtor in Silicon Valley with many years’ experience under my belt. On top of that, I grew up with a Realtor mom and recall “the stories” from way back when. What stories?

I’m talking about the Bad Agent Stories.

As Realtors, part of our Code of Ethics (which is totally sacrosant) is to not “disparage the competition”. So I’m not going to name names.

But I have to warn you: please, please be careful when you hire, or you may get one of the Realtor lemons.  Unfortunately, at times I’ve run into a few agents who’ve worked deceptively. So my response is to warn you so at least my readers aren’t duped.

Senior homeseller resources

Now that many home owners in Silicon Valley have equity again, the possibility of selling and moving has opened up once more.  Seniors have special needs and in many cases could use a little extra help.  Here are a few resources:

AARP.com – this is the # 1 advocacy group for seniors and this website has a tremendous wealth of information.

AgeInPlace.com – find info on creating a safe environment that’s easier to live in, plus monitoring services.

MoveSeniors.com – a resource for downsizing, moving and remodeling plus other helpful avenues.

RetirementHomes.com – a senior living directory for North America (from independent living to assisted to memory care and nursing).

SilverPlanet.com – help with “aging in place” options and more.

TheSeniorList.com – ratings and review site for a wide range of sernior services and living arrangements.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I enjoy working with and assisting seniors.  Please call me for help with seniors selling (or buying) homes anywhere in Silicon Valley!