Home prices continue to rise in Santa Clara County

Once in awhile I hear talk of the market cooling just slightly, in certain segments of the valley.  Certainly some buyers have had enough and have gone back to waiting.  “See you in six months”, said one of my clients after getting disgusted at the black Friday like crowds at one Sunnyvale open house.

The numbers do not seem to bear out any calming of the market, though.  Perhaps it’s all that hiring going on in Silicon Valley!

Just now I logged in to the MLS and ran some of the charts via the stats section. I found it interesting – “up, up and away” continues to be the pricing story here.  Have a look.  All stats are for single family residential (aka houses and duet homes or attached houses) in Santa Clara County only.  What is most striking to me is how HIGH these prices are for the median & average list and sale prices.  Staggering, really.

Median list price of houses & duets for sale in Santa Clara County. (Median means half listed for more and half for less than this amount.)


Median list price houses in Santa Clara County

Median list price houses in Santa Clara County


The average list price of single family homes in Santa Clara County.  (How can they be so high?) (more…)